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Don’t Recruit Too Soon

Don’t Recruit Too Soon!

Here’s a 6.5 step network marketing success strategy — the underlying theme is — don’t start recruiting until you’re prepared. Before you run out the door to recruit your down line — there are six and a half things you should do first.

1. Become a passionate, knowledgeable participant.

— live and breathe your product.

2. Know your why — your true reason for involvement — and post it.

(here’s a hint to help you find your real why — when others tell their story — their why — it brings up strong memories or feelings within you — that’s your why, that’s your reason to stay on the path to success.

3. Write your own story — your “why” in compelling form.

— develop it, rehearse it, own it, record it — then go tell it.)

4. Tell your story with passion.

(join toastmasters to practice and perfect your presentation skills)

5. Be ready for rejection and accept it as a challenge.

Rejection is not a measure of you — its a measure of your preparedness.

6. Develop your core philosophy, and live it.

— and don’t concentrate on the money — if you’re the best you can be — the money will follow in fact — to get better synergy going

— here’s what I do…

I write my philosophy on the back of my business card put it in my wallet next to the credit card I use every day — that way every time I’m spending money — I remind myself of how I earn it.

6.5 Stay away from puke and pukers.

— don’t let the influence of other people and things be stronger than your desire for success

If you would like a copy these 6.5 strategies and guidelines that can lead you to network marketing success — I’d love to send it to you — Just fax me your name and letterhead or business card with the words “recruit ready” to the number on your screen.

The key to your success is also the most important person in the world — YOU! — Make it happen.

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