Safe Cell Phone

Safe Cell Phone

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Safe Cell Phone

Cell safety tips, for EVERY call

Some of these tips are direct from the experts at AT&T wireless services, and others are from “Mr. Look out for the #@&^% tree!” Jeffrey Gitomer

1. The safe operation of your car or truck is your primary responsibility. Do not let anything – a wireless phone call, the radio/CD/tape, the kids, applying makeup, a newspaper, food and beverages – distract you from the safe operation of your vehicle.
2. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
3. Don’t let a phone call distract you from road eye contact
4. Be familiar with your cell phone’s keypad and utilize the “shortcut” features. Speed dial, last number redial, keypad alphabet search, phone number memory directory, ear piece, and other
5. Consider your options for using your wireless phone:

  • Allow voice mail to handle your call.
  • Pull off the road to a safe area.
  • Ask a passenger to make or take the call for you.
  • Position the phone within easy reach
  • Use hands-free equipment – ear piece, headset or car kit
  • Use speed dial and automatic re-dial features.
  • Dial numbers while you are not moving.
  • Dial numbers in short sequence (better when you are NOT moving).
  • Suspend conversation during hazardous driving conditions.
  • Don’t engage in stressful or emotional conversations while driving.
  • Never take notes or look up numbers while driving.
  • Techno-option: have a mini tape recorder to save ideas,messages, numbers and info-bits.
  • Use the any key answer feature

MAJOR CLUE: It’s not a land line – drop calls – stand there like a child in a grocery store whose mom won’t get him a candy bar

Harness the power — learn the features. But be sure you keep your eye on the road, not the prize.

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