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Here are a few more attributes that point out the subtle difference and the fine line between success and failure in salespeople:

Salespeople need encouragement. They’re “out there” in the world of business trying to make a goal or a quota, fighting competition, using their creativity, having to respond at a moments notice, thinking on their feet and at their computer. They (you) need support from CEO’s, accounting and credit, marketing, and anyone else they connect with internally. They don’t need to “feel the love.” They need to hear it. More “Way to go!” More “You can do it!” And way more “Attaboy!”

Salespeople must rally themselves out of a slump. When you’re down, or blue, it’s up to you to lace up your boots a bit tighter and renew. Do NOT count on anyone but yourself. Bosses will threaten you, customers will reject you just when you “need it,” and your fellow salespeople are busy making the sales you aren’t.

Two quick antidotes:

1. Fill your pipeline. Whatever you gotta do to get more prospects on the line, do that. More calls, more meetings, more breakfasts, more appointments. More activity so that the law of numbers is on your side.

2. As you create and pass your days, keep past sales successes at top of mind. Don’t wallow in the present mud, keep your head focused on the good you have done, and success will return. I promise.

2.5 Salespeople must sell to help, not “make money.” When you talk dollars as the fulcrum point of your job, and focus on commission, you will never be as successful as your counterparts who sell for relationship. Your mind will always be angling to “close the sale” and your customers will doubt your sincerity.

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