Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Watching someone in action will allow you to see their sales characteristics, and their salesmanship. This is only one element of their total “character.” Meeting with them in other venues will reveal all. Take them out to dinner. Take them to a ballgame. Take them for a round of golf. Take them to a bar. And you will discover who the real person is — versus who they are as a salesperson.

MAJOR CLUE: if they act the same in person, as they do in business, then you’ll know their true character. If they act completely different, you may never know their character.


Contrary to anything you’ve ever heard or read in your life, salespeople are not born — nor are salespeople made. Salespeople are both born, and made. Your growing up environment has a lot to do with your salesmanship. Your personality and your demeanor have a lot to do with your salesmanship. Your desire and your willingness to work have a lot to do with your salesmanship. But to become great requires study, focus, determination, attitude and a “never say quit” mentality. Some are born, some are learned. But all must be combined in order to become great.

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