Seven Sins

Seven Sins

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Dr. Joe Esposito’s Seven Sins of Eating are…

  1. Alcohol – diuretic; destroys brain cells; sulfites destroy nerve cells; dehydrates body; absorbed in stomach.
  2. Sugar – 9 packages of sugar in one can of cola. Sugar is toxic and dangerous; actually reduces energy; dissolves through things; makes your body weak; uses calcium (robs); only place to get organic calcium is in plants. Use fructose not sucrose. Try apple juice on cereal (non sweetened cereal).
  3. Soda – Has sugar and caffeine. Ugh. Soda fries eggs; takes paint off a car; dissolves raw flesh. TRY THIS TEST: Put a piece of pork in a can of soda – 24-hours later it’s gone. Where did it go? The same thing is happening in your stomach!
  4. Caffeine – Irritates nervous system; prevents the nervous system from performing its function; wears out your body quicker; causes stress
  5. Meat – We are not carnivores – 72 hours to digest – meat will rot – carcinogenic gas in colon – you don’t need all that protein – steroids, antibiotics. Chickens have more chemicals than cows. Chickens must be killed in 7 weeks because in the 8th week, cancer appears in their body from the crap, drugs and chemicals they’re fed. WOW.

Dr. Esposito says: Unplug your freezer for 3 days – the smell of death – maggots and worms will appear in the rotting meat. Where did they come from? They are in the meat you eat!

  1. Dairy – Cows milk is made for baby cows. Cows have other stomachs. They have a separate digestive system. Casein carries calcium – needs rennin which we don’t have after the age of two – comes out in mucus membranes – mucus is stuff we can’t store. Baby cows will die if fed pasteurized milk.
  1. Artificial sweetener – Aspartame — stored as a tumor in the brain – vaso constrictor – increase pressure – headaches – heat aspartame – it becomes methanol – wood alcohol – prevents fat from being burned.

The good, the bad and the very ugly…

The ideal diet consists of (organic when possible) fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish, and pasta. Filtered water (lots of it), enzyme supplements (enzymes are an escort for vitamins), antioxidant supplements, and vitamin supplements.

  • Nutrition – At least 60% of doctors are not taught nutrition – at all. That’s why they rarely recommend diet over medicine.
  • 70% of us will die of cancer or heart disease – both are preventable with diet.
  • No hydrogenated oil.
  • Butter is bad but much better than margarine.
  • Yogurt is “cow puss.” Don’t eat it.
  • Pepper yes, salt no.
  • QUIT SMOKING NOW! One cigarette = 100 billion free radicals that attack cells and destroy and good that you put there.
    • 1 pack of cigarettes = the same radiation as an x-ray. Ugh.
  • All bad things that you eat are either stored in the body or passed through it. Some bad things (like artificial sweetener) are very hard to pass out and are stored in tumor form. Ugh.
  • When you have a headache, does that tell you your body is low on aspirin? No – it’s a symptom that something is wrong. Most headaches are diet and stress related.
  • By eating foods you’re biologically adapted to eat – calories don’t matter.
  • JUICE PLUS is fruit and vegetable enzymes in a pill. The product is made by NSA (National Safety Associates) and is available from local distributors.

Dr. Joseph Esposito is an international author and lecturer with degrees in Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Pain Management and Nutrition. His world-renowned nutrition and stress management seminars have made him one of the most sought after speakers in the country. He takes nutrition and makes it simple (and very humorous). No one leaves his lectures without seriously considering ways to change their lives for the better.

Dr. Esposito treats patients from all over the world, gives private consultations, and lectures to companies and organizations.