Trade Show

Trade Show

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Trade ShowRules for Trade Show Sales & Personal Commercials

1. Be brief – Your remarks (other than questions) should be no more than 60 seconds.

2. Be to the point – Say something that tells the other person exactly what you do in terms of the prospect’s needs.

3. Be remembered – Say, give or do something that will stay in the prospect’s mind (in a positive, creative way).

4. Be prepared – Have your information at your command…rehearsed, practiced and polished.

5. Have power questions & power statements ready – Prepare a list in advance and rehearse them.

6. Get the information you need by probing first – Ask power and follow-up questions that generate information, establish interest, show need, and allow you to give your information in a meaningful way. Ask your best questions and have your most concise message ready to deliver when the timing is right. Before you deliver your problem solving capabilities, know enough about the other person so that your information has impact.

7. Show how you solve problems – He is bored to know what you do, unless you tell him in a way that serves him. The prospect doesn’t care what you do, unless what you do helps him.

8. Pin the prospect down to the next action – Don’t let a good prospect go without some agreement of what’s next.

9. Have fun – Don’t press or be pressured, it will show.

10. Time’s up – When you have delivered your message, made your contact and secured the next meeting or action – move on.

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