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KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at


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As a salesperson you’re the most important person in the world of business. Prove it by making a sale today. gitomer
7:18 AM Jun 22nd from web

Leaders don’t respond to trends – they set them. Are you in the field or do you lead the field? gitomer
5:02 AM Jun 20th from web

If you would do it after your competition does it to “meet” them, why wouldn’t you do it before they do it and “beat” them? gitomer
5:00 AM Jun 20th from web

You’re not ill, you’re just ill-prepared. You’ve got the total cure within you: THINK, ACT, WORK HARD, WIN. Gitomer
7:22 AM Jun 18th from web

Are you spending your time, or investing it? Reader or watcher? Winner or whiner? Drinker or thinker? You choose. Gitomer
8:48 PM Jun 13th from web

You can’t trust anyone until you trust yourself (from the Little Teal Book of Trust). gitomer
4:07 AM Jun 10th from web

The strongest salesman on your team is a testimonial from a loyal customer. Testimonials are proof. gitomer
4:15 AM Jun 5th from web

The best sales people are the ones with the best attitude, the best questions, and who give the best service. gitomer
7:31 AM Jun 3rd from web

It costs no extra money to be friendly. How friendly are you? Gitomer
4:19 AM May 3
0th from web

A sale is always made! Either you sell the customer on YES, or they sell you on NO! gitomer
9:24 AM May 28th from web

The importance of asking the right questions lies somewhere between sale and no sale. What are you asking? Gitomer
12:01 PM May 25th from web

I’m a closet cook – cooking breakfast – french toast, pancakes, fresh fruit, bacon, fresh squeezed orange juice, pure maple syrup. gitomer
9:06 AM May 23rd from web

There’s no prize for second place in sales. It’s gold, or go home. Gitomer
8:17 PM May 21st from web

The two BEST places for a sales appointment: Breakfast and lunch. Relaxed atmosphere and no interruptions. gitomer
7:49 AM May 19th from web

Your Personal Mission Statement. I urge you to write yours. It builds your character at the same time it lays it bare. Gitomer
2:55 PM May 18th from web

Don’t blame the path, change the path. Don’t blame the situation, change the situation. Choose a better way. Gitomer
8:35 P
M May 16th from web

You will succeed far greater at something you love to do. What do you really love? Is that what you’re doing? Gitomer
4:45 AM May 15t
h from web

epare to win, or lose to someone who is. Gitomer
9:19 PM May 13th from web

Don’t set goals, set intentions. Whatever you intend to do will happen. Without intention, goals go unachieved. Gitomer
4:14 AM May 12th from web

Got another iphone for the family – our apple loyalty is growing. Mac all the way. gitomer
7:03 PM May 11th from web

“if you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing.” said by your mother. Honor her today, She was right. Gitomer
9:51 PM May 9th from web

Having breakfast with NWA hall of fame wrestler, and great friend, Nikita Koloff The Russian Nightmare
4:40 AM May 9th from web

If you believe in your company, If you believe in your product, If you believe in yourself.. You will march to success.
4:53 AM May 8th from web

Understanding yourself means continually seeking new answers — and learning what makes you move forward. gitomer
5:12 AM May 7th from web

Failure is not about insecurity, or bad luck. It’s about lack of proper execution. gitomer
4:21 AM May 6th from web

You control the most important tool in selling, your mind. Gitomer
4:36 AM May 5th
from web

TIME MANAGEMENT: You already know what to do, you’re just not doing it. gitomer
5:32 AM May 4th from web

Sunday is the perfect day to reflect, re-think, and resolve. Gitomer
5:23 AM May 3rd from web

Friday is the least productive workday. Most people slack off eying the weekend, and then complain about a lack of money. gitomer
6:28 AM May 1st from web

Self-belief is at the core, the very fulcrum point, of your ability to succeed at anything. – gitomer
4:57 PM Apr 29th from web

Lindsay Lohan is reading my Little Teal book of Trust! You GOTTA see this. — gitomer
10:35 PM Apr 27th from web

If you’re not convinced, how can you convince others? — gitomer
9:50 PM Apr 27th from web

Don’t just count your blessings, do something with them. gitomer
5:10 AM Apr 26th from web

If you want to discover your customer’s passion, ask what they do on the weekend. Gitomer
4:51 AM Apr 25th from web

When you have a choice of what to do – always do what you will remember the most. Gitomer
7:56 PM Apr 23rd from web

“no brainers” are usually directed at people with no brains. gitomer
10:27 PM Apr 22nd from web

Don’t try to “type” people, just try to like them. gitomer
3:52 AM Apr 22nd from web

It ain’t the rain, it ain’t the snow, it ain’t the economy, it ain’t the boss, it ain’t the price, it ain’t the other guy. It’s YOU! gitomer
4:58 AM Apr 21st from web

People will rain on your parade, because they have no parade of their own — jeffrey gitomer
2:50 PM Apr 20th
from web

saturday — perfect weather in ch
arlotte — going to the framer and the bakery, and of course, starbucks. Three events next week.
7:26 AM Apr 18th from web

Why people buy is one billion times more powerful than how to sell. Keep that in mind on your next sales call.
6:00 PM Apr 14th from web

Jeff Jarvis talked to my staff yesterday. He’s brilliant. He rocks. What Would Google Do? Buy it NOW! #jeffjarvis #jeffreygitomer
6:10 AM Apr 14th from web