Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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3.5 more things I challenge you to do on your next vacation:

1. Get up early every morning and take a walk before you eat breakfast. It gets your whole body going and helps you start the day early. There’s nothing better than a full day of enjoyment on vacation.

2. Splurge a little. Eat good food. Buy a gift or two. Let yourself feel good in every aspect of your celebration. Budget the amount of money you want to spend on your vacation before you get there and when you do get there, spend it. CAUTION: Many vacation spots have casinos. Two words: DON’T GO. Casinos, especially vacation casinos, are a losing proposition. Their only purpose is to rob you of the money you could have spent on a gift for yourself.

3. Talk to everybody. Everyone on vacation is wide open to conversation. You’ll meet new people and learn new things. And every conversation can start with the same four words: Where are you from?

3.5 Enjoy every second. The more you enjoy yourself while you are away, the happier you’ll be when you return.