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Walter Putnam’s

Walter Putnam’s

11 Tough Questions

1. Is your corporate stock in your personal name?

2. Are you aware that one of your assets may be quadruple-taxed at your death?

3. Have you eliminated the estate tax on your life insurance?

4. Does your spouse have $650,000 in his/her name?

5. Do you know how to transfer $5,000,000 of your stock to your son/daughter and pay no gift tax?

6. Have you leveraged up your $650,000 exemption?

7. What are your plans for your children who are not in the business?

8. Even if you’ve used your exemption and annual gifts, are you aware that you can give 40% more with living gifts?

9. Do you have a ticking time-bomb in your business?

10. Did you know that there have been 14 tax acts in the past 17 years?

  1. Did you realize you can write the prenuptial agreements for your

children and grandchildren?


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