Got resolutions? What’s your resolve to make them a reality?

Got resolutions? What’s your resolve to make them a reality?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Got resolutions? What’s your resolve to make them a reality?

It’s another year.

Where did the last one go? Or should I say, where did the last one GROW? Did you accomplish all you wanted? Make your numbers? Achieve your goals? Bank your money?

Did you achieve your goals?

Did you lose the weight?

Stop smoking?

Spend more time with the family?

Read that book?

Well it’s now a NEW YEAR. First order of business for this year? Throw away your “resolutions.” They never pan out anyway. Get rid of them now.

Resolutions are nothing more than radio talk show fodder. Sounds something like this: “What’s your resolution this year, Mary?” “I’m gonna take off the five pounds I put on over the holidays.” “How about you, Bill? What’s your new year’s resolution?” “I’m going to get a better hair piece.” Barf.

New Year’s resolutions are a way of telling yourself that there’s something you want to achieve. But they rarely become reality. It’s likely that Mary will keep the weight on, and Bill’s toupee will still be noticeable from 500 feet.

A better way to look at resolutions is to determine why you’re making them in the first place, and create personal resolve to change the root cause.

Here are two hard questions you need to ask yourself as you make this year’s obligatory resolutions:

1. Why are you making this resolution?

2. What are you willing to do differently that will make this resolution a reality?

For example, if your resolution is “lose weight” or “lose 20 pounds” (which it probably is), maybe you should look to the root cause:

I eat the wrong foods

I eat on the run

I eat too much fast food

I eat late at night

My diet has too much soda or chips

I eat too much food at one sitting

I eat all day long

I never exercise

and create specific personal resolves from there.

Here are a few specific resolves:

I will cut out all donuts.

I will not drink soda for six months.

I will only eat fast food on Wednesday.

I will go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

I hate to rain on your New Year’s Day parade, but you have an opportunity to achieve what you have resolved, if you will just be real with yourself, and make the resolve statements in the form of SPECIFIC personal actions and SPECIFIC personal achievements.

The more specific you can make them, the more likely you are to make them happen.

Tell yourself EXACTLY what you intend to do.

Tell yourself EXACTLY what you will do, or are willing to do.

And you’ll have a 99% better chance of achieving.

You’ve heard the old saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

What it means is: first you better have the will.

Will is the root word of willing. And willing is the trigger for achievement. If you are not willing to do, and you do not intend to do, then resolution, resolve, or goal ain’t about to become a reality — or better stated, it will be your resolution AGAIN next year.

And so the key questions behind your potential to achieve anything you want to achieve this year are: What are you willing to do? What are you willing to change? What are you willing to better? What are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to work harder? Are you willing to get up earlier in order to give yourself more achievement time? And what is it worth to you once it’s done?

REALITY: Your willingness creates your will.

YOUR REALITY: Resolve to be more willing.

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