Is it the law of attraction, or the law of hard work? You decide.

Is it the law of attraction, or the law of hard work? You decide.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Is it the law of attraction, or the law of hard work? You decide.

I’m a bit sick of all the bogus information I read about “the law of attraction.”

I have seen everything from “just sit there,” to “meditate and focus on your dreams, and everything will come to you.” If you believe this, I have some land in Florida I want you to buy. Well, it’s under water, but if you just picture dry land in your mind, and concentrate really, really hard, you can just lay on your couch, eat a few donuts, all the water will evaporate, and the Garden of Eden will appear. Hello!

That’s not the law of attraction. That’s the law of inaction.

Most books, blogs, websites, CDs, and DVDs on the subject tell you everything BUT the 2.5 big “secrets.” The real strategies for creating attraction.

They are:
1. Position yourself .
2. Build a platform.
2.5 Work hard.

I received this email yesterday:

Jeffrey, I enjoy your newsletter. It has been a lot of help to me. The idea of the “Law of Attraction” is an interesting one, and I have always been fascinated by this concept. I recently read about a book in Dale Carnegies How to Stop Worrying and Start Living titled As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. This book was written around the turn of the 20th century and is a precursor to the Law of Attraction. The book is about 50 pages long, and what James Allen says in this book is a very simple and profound idea that has stuck with me ever since I read it. It brought me a whole new understanding of the Law of Attraction.

James Allen states, “You attract not what you think about, pray for or desire, but you attract to yourself that which you are.” The Law of Attraction states, “You attract that which you think about or want,” and it is really only half of the truth. James Allen goes on to talk about the Law of Reciprocity, a law that states you get from the world and life exactly what you put into it, or more commonly, you reap what you sow. I find his statement brings new light to the Law of Attraction, more truth and more power to it. A lot of people misunderstand what the Law of Attraction is. Essentially, you gain what you give. Just a slight change of words can make a huge difference. Give more in value and you can only receive more. It is a fundamental law of nature. Happy selling! -Marlowe

Not bad, eh?

First you think about it, then you pray about it, then you become an example of it, and then you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Give value first, without any expectation of return, and the law of reciprocity (the law of attraction) sets in.

Not from the person you gave something to. If you give without expectation, then the world pays you back, and that payment is not one-for-one — it’s ten-for-one. Or more. It’s the true law of attraction.

Sound too good to be true? Well, there is a catch. Most people have no concept of “give to get.” They give, and EXPECT to get. Or they try to give and get at the same time. They feel that someone OWES them for giving. Not true. Not even close to true. If you give one and expect to get one, then one is the maximum you’ll get.

Let me define my personal rules to create attraction. And pay attention, these are not rules I made up, these are rules I put into action every day to create my law of attraction, and it works. I may not be pretty, but I’m sure as heck attractive.

1. Position yourself as attractive with your valuable information that others can use and benefit from. My weekly column in papers. My book in bookstores. And my weekly email magazine in your inbox positions me as a person of value that offers valuable information about sales, service, loyalty, leadership, and personal development that people resonate with and can use the minute they read it.
2. Build a platform where people can easily find you and get the information or message you’re trying to convey. Website, blog, ezine, speeches, books, white papers, creative ideas posted, and philosophies offered in writing creates major attraction.
2.5 Work your ass off. Reality bites — especially when times are bad or volatile. If you are serious about creating the law of attraction, you gotta resolve, create a game plan, and work at it daily. Harder than you can imagine.

You can resolve or resign. You can attract or repel. You can bemoan or become. And the best part is, you have a choice.

I have stumbled on a metaphor that works for attraction. It’s the difference between curious or create. Are you just curious, or are you willing to work to create attraction? If you want the metaphor, and the ideas attached to it, go to, register if you’re a first-time visitor, and enter the word CURIOUS in the GitBit box.