It’s a physically demanding game. Are you fit to sell?

It’s a physically demanding game. Are you fit to sell?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

What does physical fitness have to do with sales success? Everything.

Selling is a blend of mental and physical symphonic motions that perform in harmony with each other. When your mind and body aren’t working in unison, the performance is off key.

Think how a headache or some type of pain reduces your effectiveness. There are other less obvious elements about your health that affect you more than pain. Take this quick test…

Y or N  Is your weight under control?

Y or N  Is your stress under control?

Y or N  Do you wake up feeling great?

Y or N  Do you eat healthy foods every time you eat?

Y or N  Are you alert all day?

Y or N  Did you exercise today?

Y or N  Do you exercise every day?

Y or N  Do you feel naturally energetic?

If you answered two or more questions with “no” your physical status may be robbing you of a chance for success. Don’t let it.

Here are 10.5 challenges to meet that will help you become a healthy person:

  1. Change your diet to eat only healthy foods…Fruits, vegetables and grains should comprise the vast majority of your diet.
  2. Control your weight…Determine your ideal weight and make a plan to get there. Carrying too many pounds drains your energy and hampers productivity.
  3. Take supplements…Your food intake may not provide the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes your body needs for peak performance.
  4. Quit coffee, sugar, and soda…These foods produce false energy, and actually rob you of strength and focus.
  5. Take a 10 minute breathing break…ten minutes of deep inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth to properly oxygenate your blood.
  6. Drink (filtered) water…Your body is 70% water and needs constant replenishment. Unfortunately the tap water we drink has many harmful chemicals. Filtering and distilling water have become a 21st century consumer requirement.
  7. Get good rest…Everyone’s time requirement for rest is different. Sound, restful sleep is the key to energy.
  8. Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week…Vigorous exercise is the prerequisite for muscle tone, stamina, and strength.
  9. Get up early…You can add two hours of productivity to your day, if you’re fit enough to get up two hours earlier.
  10. Go for a walk during the day…A 10 minute walk once or twice a day is the best work break you can take. It gets your blood pumping faster, and your mind thinking clearer. It gets you over the afternoon slump.

10.5 Make a commitment and stick to it…Your dedication to your good health is something that no one but you can achieve.

NOTE WELL: Before you make a change from your present status, seek qualified professional help in the areas of nutrition, exercise and vitamins.

Enjoy the benefits…Reap the rewards of good health:

  • You’re more focused and better directed.
  • Your ability to accept NO is enhanced.
  • Your ability to get YES is enhanced.
  • You’ll gain more patience because your stress is reduced.
  • You’ll become more rational and make better decisions.
  • You’ll increase your endurance.
  • Your productivity will increase.
  • By gaining more self control, you will become more self confident.
  • You will feel great.

We have all developed habits we wish we didn’t have. Poor health habits are easy for salespeople to evolve to. Often because of our schedule, we make excuses that we “have to” eat at fast food places; that we “have no time” for exercise; that we will start taking better care of ourselves “soon, but not right now.”

The right time is now. Take the 10.5 challenges. Not only will it change the way you feel, it will change the way you look.

Looking successful, is a big part of achieving success. It starts with the look of health. Healthy people are easy to spot aren’t they? They seem to have a radiant glow. When you become more healthy, people will notice the change and be more attracted to you. It’s like a secret sales force working within you.

Authors note: I’ve spent the past six months building a personal fit for sales health regimen. I am writing about this from a personal perspective, not just from others’ reactions and opinions. My summary of how the program has affected me boils down to four words: It works. Do it.

I once attended an incredible seminar on nutrition given by Dr. Joseph Esposito, of Atlanta GA. His topic, “The 7 Deadly Sins of Eating,” was the rudest life lesson I’ve had since I found out about Santa.

Your physical status may be robbing you of a chance for
fiscal sales success.


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