It’s that time of the year again. Resolve to fail.

It’s that time of the year again. Resolve to fail.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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It’s that time of the year again. Resolve to fail.

Resolutions, bah humbug.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. You look at yourself and yoursituation and something is “too.” Too fat, too broke, too out of shape,too much TV, smoke too much, drink too much. Time for the annual”resolution process.”

What is the resolution process you ask? You know it’s thebeginning of the year and you want to get rid of something or get outof a rut.

Not that I’m against resolutions, but they seem to have anegative connotation. Take off something (weight). Fatten something(wallet) quit something (smoking, eating, drinking). All eithernegative or too challenging to ever accomplish.

A goal has to have an end – that’s why resolutions don’t work – no end. No achievement plan. Resolutions are blurry at best.

EXAMPLE: Join the gym on the first of January. Pump iron forthree or four weeks, and never go again by the middle of February – orfor the real “doers” the middle of March.

I never see someone jumping for joy at the prospect of setting “NewYears resolutions.” Resolutions are made against your will. And usuallyend with “this year for sure.”

BEWARE OF THE LITTLE GREEN (with envy) PEOPLE! Also known asMARTIANS, they will try their best to prevent your success. You tellpeople what you intend to do and instead of helping you, they ridiculeyou, or even worse, discourage you from trying. Nothing like hearingfrom your friends that you’re in the “loser” category before January2nd.

Here’s a resolution you can make and keep forever: Ignore idiots and zealots.

Resolutions are really goals, and the reason your “resolve” fades isthat there is no game-plan – only an affirmative – stated in thenegative – and made against your will, because the first of anotheryear rolled around, and you still can’t fit into those pants you boughtthree years ago. Or you’re tired of smelling like a cigarette. Oryou’re broke.

Well how’s that for a “happy new year?” That’s why I startedwith “humbug.” The whole idea of resolutions is a bad one.Soooo…….here’s a resolution you can immediately achieve – stopmaking resolutions on January 1st and start setting goals instead.

Easy? Well, here’s a better idea. Instead of “start” on January 1, whynot “achieve by” January 1? Cool. This way, you make a few goals duringthe year that have an “achieve by January 1” deadline, so that newyears is a victory celebration, not a diet.

The concept of “achieve by” rather than “start on,” is acreativity exercise that reverses the thought process. And changes anegative into a positive. Real cool.

Here is the goal formula that has worked for me. After I writeit down and post it on my bathroom mirror, I ask myself these 8.5questions – and I answer them on paper (actually on my computer inMicrosoft Word):
1. What new knowledge do I need?
2. What’s my plan of action?
3. Who do I need help from?
4. What’s the risk of failure?
5. When will I start?
6. When will I get what I want?
7. What’s my daily plan?
8. What’s my daily dose?
8.5 What will this goal do for me once I achieve it? What’s my reward?

Answer those questions and the roadmap to goal achievement isyours. All you gotta do is add ACTION. Blast into the new year with agoal or three to START your year. That’s success, baby. And it’s yoursfor the taking. Go for it.

Happy New Year. May it be your best ever.

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