Looking for a success definition? It’s one word!

Looking for a success definition? It’s one word!

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

Looking for asuccess definition? It’s one word!

Is there one word that definessuccess? Yes, there is. It’s attitude.

And I’m certain that you havestudied or been told that a positive attitude is the key to success.Not quite.

Attitude is defined as the wayyou dedicate yourself to the way you think. Your thoughts can bepositive, neutral, or negative – and you choose them. You choosethe way you think, the way you speak, and the actions you take.Positive, neutral, or negative.

What are your attitude thoughts,expressions and deeds? What are your attitude choices? Are you readyto win, or thinking you’ll probably lose?

It occurred to me that the wordattitudeis just one part of the phrase that sets your thinking in motion.Attitude comes in many formats and circumstances. If you segment yourattitude thoughts, you’ll be able to focus more on a positiveprocess and have greater impact on the outcome.

You have always known that youmust have a positive attitude, yet many (most) of you don’t. Iwrote a book called TheLittle Gold Book of YES! Attitudeto help people, and salespeople, gain greater insight into theprocess of attitude achievement.

I believe all salespeople want tohave a positive attitude, but situations occur that can causechallenges to your achievement.

Here are several specificattitude elements and insights that may help you better understandand maintain your positive attitude during those situations,opportunities, and moments when it counts:
SalesAttitude.Business is down, and you need to make more sales NOW. Do you believeyou’ll make the sale BEFORE you make a call or get to anappointment?
ValueFirst Attitude.The customer wants value, not a sales pitch. Are you thinking abouthow you can bring value to others BEFORE you make a sales call?
Can-DoAttitude.You’re challenged to get a project done or make that big sale. Doyou believe you can do it BEFORE you attempt it?
RelationshipAttitude.You know it’s more than a sale. It’s creating a long-term, valuedriven association. Is your mind set on what you can do to buildrelationships?
WinningAttitude.You know it’s your turn to win. Do you think about AND believe youare a winner BEFORE you win?
ProfitAttitude.There are two sides to profit. Do you believe you will get your priceAND that others will profit as a result of dealing with you andbuying from you?
ServiceAttitude.To serve is to rule. Are you thinking, “How can I be my BEST atserving others?”
LoyaltyAttitude. Youknow that loyal customers breed more sales and greater profit. Do youbelieve that the actions you’re taking will lead to more businessand referrals from each customer you sell?
MoneyAttitude.You know it’s not just making money; it’s EARNING money. How doyou think about money? Do you believe you are earning your moneyBEFORE you receive it?
SuccessAttitude.Everyone strives for success in his or her own way. A huge part ofsuccess is believing that you will achieve it. Do you dedicate timeto think about your success and what it will take to make it?
FulfillmentAttitude.Fulfillment is a level beyond success. It arrives after you haveachieved beyond your dreams and your money, and are at peace withyour life and your relationships. You may not be fulfilled at themoment, very few people are. But you must think and BELIEVE thatfulfillment is possible.
FiveYear Attitude.Even though the achievement of attitude and the maintenance ofattitude is a daily process, you must have a vision of your thinking.Where you will be five years from today will be determined by theactions you take today, and day by day.

My dad, the great Max Gitomer,said, “Son, the days and weeks go very slowly, but the years flyby.” And so they do, and so do your positive attitude thoughts andactions.

Like manyothers, I owe my attitude awareness to Napoleon Hill and histeachings in Thinkand Grow Rich,Earl Nightingale from his timeless recording of TheStrangest Secret,and to the quote from the most powerful children’s book of alltime, TheLittle Engine That Could.“I think I can. I think I can.”

Unlike many others, I owe myattitude ACHIEVEMENT to multiple readings and multiple listens tothem, and putting their ideas, philosophies, and strategies into mythought process and into action.

Ifyou want some ideas about getting your attitude in motion, go towww.gitomer.com, register if you’re a first-time visitor, and enterthe words ATTITUDE STARTERS in the GitBit box.