Looking for the formula? It’s simpler than you think.

Looking for the formula? It’s simpler than you think.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.



Looking for the formula? Its simpler than you think.

Ever get an “Aha!”?

You know, one of those realizations that you just learned something new, discovered a secret, or found out what was wrong. You may have even said it aloud in one form or another a word or two of joy and jubilation. “YES!”, or, “THATS IT!”, or the word I like “AHA!”

Even though I dont believe in or subscribe to a “system of selling,” I am still searching for “the best way” to make the sale. And what I have discovered along the way are elements, mostly personal (nonmanipulative), that when mastered will create an atmosphere where people (your customers and prospects) will be compelled to buy.

Mastering these elements will make prospects attracted to you, like you, trust you, believe you, have confidence in you and then buy from you.

Here are three of them in an acronym that ties the introduction to the point AHA! Three elements to master are Attitude, Humor, and Action. These elements, when mastered, are the surest (and shortest) sales formula to long term success. It’s simple on the surface and even simpler in practice.

Each element contributes to the whole, and vitally linked to the other two. They are useful by themselves, but together they make sales magic.

Here are the elements defined:

Attitude Your positive mental attitude is the driving force to success in every endeavor of your life. Positive attitude is not just a thought process, it’s a discipline and a commitment. Each day you wake to a rededication to being positive, thinking positive and speaking positive. It’s not something that comes and goes. It’s all consuming. It makes you feel good on the inside, no matter what the circumstance is on the outside. All the time.

Why doesnt everyone have a great attitude? Because they dont spend daily time building it. You dont just have a great attitude, you gotta work on it at the beginning of every day.

What can you do to start getting a better one? Spend 15 minutes a day each morning and read two pages from any book by Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, or Norman Vincent Peale. Just two pages a day.

Humor Humor is not just being funny. It’s how you see things. How you make others laugh. It’s your sense of humor, AND your ability to find and create humor. Making others laugh and feel good in your presence, making others smile. Hearing, “I like talking to you, you make me laugh,” or “You just made my day.” That’s what humor does. It makes others look forward to talking to you, instead of ducking your call. It’s medicine, sales medicine.

Why doesnt everyone have a great sense of humor? Because the world is way too serious. And people mistakenly think its better to be professional (low or no humor) than friendly (humor encouraged). Get friendlier and youll put others in the (rare) mood to laugh.

What can you do to start getting a better sense of humor? Study Humor! Dont just laugh at the jokes, learn WHY they made you laugh. Try your humor out on friends BEFORE you drop it on a prospect. Rule of expense: Make humor at your own expense not at the expense of others. Rule of sales: If you can make em laugh, you can make em buy.

Action Walking your talk. Waking up in the morning to a defined set of achievable goals. Having an agenda that you’re prepared for. Making the last call of the day no matter what. Following your own game plan for success. Doing more than anyone else you know. Doing enough to make yourself proud.

Why doesnt everyone take more action? They think they are taking enough already. Problem is they are confusing action with productivity. Everyone is already “too busy.” MAJOR CLUE: Before you take an action ask yourself, is this action powerful, productive, or profitable? If not dont take it (unless its FUN. No matter what, you gotta have some fun.)

What can you do to start taking more powerful, productive, profitable actions? Audit your actions the day after you take them. See if you would take them again if you had it to do over. (NOTE: Im not asking you to second guess yourself. Im challenging you to study your past actions, so you can refine and harness the energy of your future actions.

The combination of these three elements: Attitude, Humor, and Action, provide the pathways to success. As you master each element, its important that you combine them in your own way to suit your own personality.

The monetary results will astound you, but the personal reward is way beyond money. Follow them to the letter and you’ll say Aha!

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