More sales please. I need to make more sales please!

More sales please. I need to make more sales please!

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

More salesplease. I need to make more sales please!

“Jeffrey, I’m newto sales. How do I get better?”

“Jeffrey, I’ve beenin sales two years. How do I get better?”

“Jeffrey, I’ve beenin sales twenty years. How do I get better?”

It’s the same 3.5answers for all three questions:
1. Put your “bigpicture guidelines” in front of your face and keep them there. Toomany salespeople are fixed on making one sale at the end of the week,end of the month, end of the quarter, or meeting a quota. Your mindis fixed on the SMALL picture. Why? One more sale is not the answer.

MAJOR QUESTION:Why aren’t you focusing on bigger issues so that sales come to youfrom prospects and customers that want to buy? The bigger issuesare:
Value messages –that can impact your worth to the customer. Worth is more powerfulthan price.
Impactspeeches — at trade associations that establish your reputation asa knowledgeable leader and thinker.
Top-tiernetworking — to get to know the people that count in your customerbase, industry, and your career.
Industrypositioning — to become better known. Get involved in theassociations and impact organizations of your marketplace.
Consistentwriting and publishing — a monthly article in your tradepublication will raise everyone’s awareness of your ideas andcapabilities.
Personal branding –combining your words and deeds with your reputation to create the lawof attraction.

2. Identify yourprinciples for success and master them.
Honesty, ethics,gratefulness, and being a servant are the core elements. They makeyou a better person; not just a better salesperson.
Nothing takes theplace of, or is more powerful than, hard work. Hard work will impactyour results. Hard work makes luck.
Stay a student bydedicating time to read and study. Here’s the lifetime formula: Themore you learn, the more you earn.

3. Make certain youhave a passion for what you’re doing.
Your belief systemdrives your success results. Establish belief in your company, yourproducts and services, yourself, and most important, belief that thecustomer is better off having purchased from you.
Attitude andenthusiasm are at the core of your thought process and expression.Your attitude either attracts or repels — and the best part of thatis: you control it.
Identify yourtolerance for risk and go to that edge. Once you identify risk,reward becomes much more predictable, and much more frequent.
You must love whatyou do. If you’re in sales for the money, you’ll never find it.
Love who you are.Loving yourself makes your self-confidence shine — and become adominant factor in the decision-making process.

3.5 Make commitmentsto yourself and keep them.
Small sales arescrutinized and micro managed. This is why sales reports are hatedand falsified (not by you of course).
Big pictureachievements are up to you — no one else is watching, or cares.Your private dedication and self-commitment are the winningattributes.
Dedication to beingBEST at anything you do. There’s no place for second place insales. It’s best or lost to best.

Take 30 minutes andread something about The Crusades. They were much more than areligious war. The Crusades were about people going after whatthey believed inpassionately. They did it regardless of thehardship and risk. Do you? Are you a Sales Crusader?

Salesis not a religion; it’s a way of life. It should not consume yourlife; rather, it should be incorporated into your life. Salesenhances life and embraces the philosophy for living it – to it’smaximum potential. Doubling your income isn’t pie in the sky, if youare determined and committed, and if you see the big picture. Thismeans career objectives and achievements, not just a quota or salesplan achievements.

Canyou see the big picture?

Areyou dedicated to your big picture of success?

Areyou shooting for success, or just a sale?

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