Network Marketing Highway — The road to independent wealth.

Network Marketing Highway — The road to independent wealth.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at



Network Marketing Highway The road to independent wealth.

Downsizing America. Millions of people a year are victims of corporate cutbacks. For many it’s devastation. The rug pulled out from their secure job house, car, and lifestyle in jeopardy. For others it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to take a risk go into business for themselves, and live the American Dream.

Network marketing has played a major role in the transition from corporate security to personal security. Independent distributors (salespeople) who take products ranging from vitamins (NSA, IDN) to jewelry (Jewlway), from product catalogs (Amway) to gold (Gold Unlimited). The latest big entry into network marketing is personal development available through a private satellite channel (The Peoples Network).

What’s the attraction of network marketing, and why are 40,000 people a week getting involved? Why might you be interested?

Low price of entry.

The chance to make money.

It seems uncomplicated.

You went to a meeting and saw someone get up and give a testimonial that in the past month he made $15,000 and you think hey this guy’s not as good or as smart as me I could do this yeah I could do this.

The reality of Network Marketing is that you must contact your circle of influence (friends, relatives, business associates), and run the risk that they’ll tell you you’re nuts.

WARNING Network marketing is not for everyone. Even though many people become millionaires, more than 50% of the people who try it fail.

REALITY CHECK: The network marketing statistics for success are about the same as any small business.

There are two tremendous advantages offered by network marketing

1. More control of your own financial security.

2. Provides a great chance for personal growth and development.

If you are serious about getting involved in network marketing, your personal challenge is to:

Tear up your list of excuses!

Make a time commitment.

Develop a plan and a story for both retail (direct) sales and distributor recruitment.

Use testimonials from others who have succeeded.

Create more opportunities to talk to more people.

Stick at it for two years before the word “quit” comes to mind.

Here’s a list of 15.5 elements that successful network marketers have in common. How many of them describe you?

1. Recognize opportunity when it appears, and take advantage of it.

2. Be self determined with a plan for success.

3. Be self motivated on the inside.

4. Become self functional to perform the disciplines necessary to succeed.

5. Take self responsibility blame yourself not others.

6. Have good work habits.

7. Be a person of high integrity.

8. Deploy the mental muscle needed to win.

9. Maintain a positive attitude.

10. Make a commitment to yourself and others you recruit.

11. Talk oneonone to people.

12. Have a lot of people doing a little.

13. Build a customer base of people who use the product.

14. Set a successful example for others to follow.

15. Be believable in what you say people will buy if you’re believable.

15.5 Become passionate about the products you represent.

The biggest lure of network marketing is to have control of your own destiny. Up to this point in your life, you are a reflection of the choices you have made. To climb to where you want to be on the ladder of success, you may have to make new choices, and develop a new belief in yourself.

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