Passion and it’s relationship to Network Marketing sales.

Passion and it’s relationship to Network Marketing sales.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Passion and it’s relationship to Network Marketing sales.

So, you want to get involved in network marketing. and live the American dream. Great!

If you want to get involved, that means you want to succeed right?

I mean you’re willing to give whatever it takes to get to the top, become wealthy, achieve your goals and dreams. Not quit no matter what, right?

You heard its a great way to make money.


In network marketing like all sales, you don’t make money you earn it. You earn it by establishing a philosophy, and a set of core values that will drive you to success.

You see you drive your own success. Soooo what kind of car are you driving? The one you really want or, just the one you can afford?

If you’re not driving the one you really want, what are your plans to get it? If you have plans, how are they going?

If you’re looking at Network Marketing as the road to success, here are four guidelines that will get you out of the car you had to buy because it’s the only one you could afford and into the car of your choice. The vehicle of your dreams.

First… you must establish and live your philosophy. Write it where you can see it every day. Mine is…I give value first, I help other people, I establish long term relationships with everyone, and have fun and I do that every day. What’s yours? Do you even have one?

Second… Adopt a benevolent attitude and approach to helping others.

Helping others makes you feel great.

Help others, but don’t keep score, or have expectations in return.

Help others but, don’t do it for them, do it for yourself. That way when you help them no one owes you anything. You did it for you, not them

therefore you only owe yourself. That way the world pays you back…

not the recipient of your good deed. When the world pays you back the returns are always ten times higher.

Third…Believe with all your heart that what you’re selling is something that everyone needs, will benefit from, and is cost effective. Here’s the acid question of belief your mother come to you and says, “Someone told me to put my money here and go with this venture, what do you think I should do, son?” If you answer YES! then you have a solid belief. If you hesitate for a moment then the answer is no.

And fourth… is the pragmatic challenge to measure the execution of your selling process. WOW yourself! Get others to WOW you. And the most powerful measure get someone to WOW about you behind your back.

What do these four guidelines have to do with making a success of network marketing? Everything. These guidelines (if followed) will make people trust you enough to buy from you or join you no matter what you sell. But in network marketing where skeptics abound, they are the prerequisite to beginning a successful journey.

There are about twenty elements to master to become successful in network marketing. A few of them are: recruiting, product knowledge, training, building belief, making presentations, and supporting a team of people. But there are two sides to each element. The technical side and the passionate side. Both must be present to synergize success. To name this process, I have trademarked the phrase “The Duality of Network Marketing.”

The duality of network marketing is the blending of the technical and the passionate side of executing each of it’s success elements. If you only know the techniques of putting these elements to work and don’t employ an equal or greater amount of passion, network marketing won’t work.

Statistics say Network Marketing won’t work for 4 out of 5 who try it. No surprise to me. I can define their failure in three words lack of passion. Hows yours?

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