Prepare for the New Year with Some Old Ideas

Prepare for the New Year with Some Old Ideas

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

I’d like to look at the table of contents from a great book on selling skills…

Chapter 1… Begin by Talking Him Learn Your Customer’s Hobbies Personal Likes and Dislikes Base Your Approach on These Then Show Goods.

Chapter 2… Use More Ear and Less Tongue Give Your Customer the Center of the Stage The Main Thing Is not to Talk but to Sell.

Chapter 3…Put Service before Samples Study Your Customer’s Problems and Needs Try to Help Him to Move His Goods.

Chapter 4…Mention Quality before Price You Must Know Your Goods Through and Through Art of Dramatizing a Sale.

Chapter 5…Don’t Talk No For a Final Answer Difference Between Making and Taking a Sale Some Examples of Real Salesmanship.

Chapter 6…Get Down to the Brass Tacks Quickly Watch for a Chance to Talk Details of Delivery Techniques of Making a Sale.

Chapter 7…Build Goodwill for Your Firm Sell You Company As Well As Your Odds How to Earn a Promotion.

Chapter 8…Constantly Search for New Markets Make Several Missionary Calls Every Week Don’t Become a JogTrotter

Chapter 9…Classify Your Time How to Value the Different Hours of The Day The Best Time to Make a Sale.

Chapter 10…Keep Mentally and Physically Fit Vaccinate Yourself Against Worries Your Job Is Not a Routine One It Is All Creative Work.

Chapter 11…Have a Stout Heart Be a Bit of a Philosopher Buck Up Your Customers A Tip to Wives and Sales Managers.

Chapter 12…Create Welcomes For Yourself Turn Your Customers Into Friends Keep Your Selling on a Personal Basis.

Pretty timely information, I’m sure you’ll agree. A book you’ll want to run out and purchase. The title of this book is “Tips for Traveling Salesman” by Herbert Casson and it was written in 1927. WOW!

It’s great information that’s been rewritten 50 different ways since then. Why? To get salespeople to act. You see Sales people already know everything the problem is they don’t do it.

Here are a couple of examples of knowing everything and not doing it:

You know you should prepare for every sales call by doing research on the company and the person you’re meeting with before you make the call. Do you?

You know you should listen to recordings an hour a day in your car. But do you?

But hey, I’m sure you’re different. You always take the right actions, don’t you? You always implement the right sales strategy, don’t you? You always know what to do in every selling situation, don’t you? You’re constantly improving your professional and personal skills, aren’t you? When the prospect doesn’t buy it’s always his fault not yours, isn’t it?

It must be because in 22 years of training salespeople, I’ve never had someone come up to me and say “Jeffrey, I didn’t make the sale, and it was all my fault.” Salespeople always have someone else to blame for their shortcomings.

There’s a big difference in knowing something and doing something. It’s the difference between mediocrity and success.

The self-discipline to use your knowledge must be employed daily with the self-discipline of patience. The change in your sales skills won’t come overnight, but I promise if you put your knowledge into action every day, and stick with it over time, you will win. And win big.

Make the new year’s resolution to gain one new idea or skill each day and put it into practice as soon as you learn it. Gain the patience and the self discipline to implement this wisdom: You don’t get great at sales in a day you get great at sales day by day.


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