Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

The keyword? “Ready.”

How you get ready, or prepare determines how fast and hard you can go. And ‘go’ determines your ultimate outcome. 

You know that, but the question is: are you doing that? And if you were to rate yourself on getting ready, how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-5? ouch!

So the question is: Why are you not putting more attention on getting ready?

Here’s what I do…

On Sunday, I get ready for Monday. You’ll sleep better on Sunday night, knowing that you’re prepared for Monday. The night before is the secret. Now, I’ve only been doing that for 50 years. So I don’t know if it works yet. I’m going to do it for another 50 years. And then that’s it, I’m going to quit. 

No matter how old or young you are, no matter how seasoned or unseasoned you are, it’s always Monday. And you can put yourself in a much better position to win on Monday, if you are prepared to win. And that goes for every day of the week, by preparing the night before.

What are the elements that you need to do to get ready for the following day? The classic Jim Rohn quote of, “plan, do, review” is not quite enough in these times. We’re now in the social era, where you have to “plan, post, do, review and then tweak.” 

And there’s an element of uncertainty in everything that you do to make your week fulfilled, to really have a great week, getting ready is critical. 

Part of preparation is knowing the details.

You’ve heard that the devil is in the details. That is not true in selling. The sale is in the details. And if you’re meeting with two or three people a day, even two or three people a week, you’re gonna have conversations with them that require detailed documentation. 

What salespeople do not realize is that their customers kid’s names, their wife’s hometown, their husband’s hometown, and other non sales details, mean more to your customer than your sales pitch. And if you were to remember them and bring them up in conversation, you’re gonna win the relationship, not just the sale. 

The easiest and quickest way to prepare is with this sales tool…

When you have multiple prospects in your pipeline, it becomes hard to remember all of the details for each person, and trying to remember each next step with a prospect is not the best use of your headspace.

That’s why I use this CRM. And yes, I have even partnered with them to get you a VIP deal, where you get a free trial extended free trial. And when you sign up it’s discounted. But more on that later…

If you’re thinking, eh, I just text myself what I need to do, or I put it in a spreadsheet or on note cards or post it notes… that is not a system, that’s a big mistake. And will lead to crappy preparation (and crappy results).

If you rely on your memory to remember all the people you need to follow up with, then you don’t have enough people to follow up with! You have too few prospects. And tracking the details, the important relationship details, will help you build sales and referrals.

Relationship building details like where they grew up, their favorite book, when they last purchased what you’re selling. Things that you can find out about them that give you a competitive edge, and be able to communicate with them more deeply, create that emotional connection, and actually make the sale.

And add to that, you never leave your current situation, your current opportunity, without documenting the next step. You always have the next step planned and your CRM (mine is Pipedrive) drives the sale in the same way. 

The right CRM alerts you if you don’t have your next step planned. And when you schedule your next step, it automatically adds it to your calendar AND sends you a daily reminder so that when you wake up you know exactly what revenue generating activities you are doing for the day.

What’s on the calendar gets done, and if it’s not on the calendar, it easily gets pushed to the next day, or even forgotten. When you prepare this way, there’s no more pushing of sales activities because they’re automatically getting added to your calendar. 

Here’s what to do right now. Go here. Sign up for the free trial and let us know that you’ve signed up by emailing – when you do, you’ll get invited to a free Get Started session with Jen. And when you purchase and enroll in Pipedrive, we’re going to give you access to one of Jeffrey’s latest sales course, Giving Value First Course…for free. That’s how strongly I feel about this CRM driving your sales.