Santa Claus and Google. The Same or Just a Coincidence?

Santa Claus and Google. The Same or Just a Coincidence?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

After nearly 60 years of a wavering belief in Santa Claus, I have come to a major AHA! Santa Claus is actually Google.

Think about it:
Google knows when you’re sleeping.
Google knows when you’re awake.
Google knows if you’re bad.
Google knows when your good.
Google has lists, and she checks them twice.
Google knows who’s naughty.
Google knows who’s nice.
And Google reads all your letters!

Holy cow! How can this be? It sure clears up a lot of mystery. I’ve always wondered how Santa Claus knew all this stuff. How did he find my house? How did he know what I wanted? It turns out Google knows everything about everyone. Especially you.


Google knows where you live.
Google knows where everyone lives.
Google knows what you want.
And Google can make it into your home and everyone else in the world’s home on Christmas Eve.

Pretty cool, huh?

Finally, the real of Santa Claus is exposed! The Clark Kent of our time has been revealed. THE QUESTION IS: How has Santa, er, I mean Google, rated you this year? Is she going to bring you everything on your wish list?

And maybe a bigger question is: how are you taking advantage of the Santa Claus elements Google presents to help you build your personal brand and reputation.

Actually, I wonder if your Christmas wish list contains a wish for you to have a better personal brand next year? Or a better reputation next year? Or a higher Google ranking next year? Or maybe to occupy the entire first page of Google next year? Probably not.

Your Christmas list probably contains material things like an iPad, or a smartphone, or an Xbox, or some clothing. Too bad.

Like Santa Claus, mother Google keeps track of you all year long. You can’t just all of a sudden become nicer at Christmastime! You have to be nice all the time. You have to be good all the time. You have to be ethical all the time. And you have to take reputation-building actions all the time in order for mother Google to look upon you favorably.

And just so we understand each other, mother Google doesn’t make a list and check it twice. She already has the list, you are already on the list, and that list gets checked every day.

If you’re trying to harvest the bounty that Google offers, the free bounty that Google offers, you have to take the appropriate actions that will move you up the list, and keep adding to the list on a consistent basis.

  • Write something and post it online.
  • Have an article published someplace.
  • Tweet something meaningful.
  • Speak someplace.
  • Join a business group.
  • Lead a civic group.
  • Participate in a charity.
  • Start a personal website.
  • Tweet something profound.
  • Create a blog and post an entry every day.
  • Post on your Facebook business page.
  • Put a video up on your YouTube channel.
  • Do something noteworthy in your community.
  • Tweet something that helps others.
  • Invite people to your LinkedIn page.

Do all of these things consistently. Some daily. Some weekly. But each of them at least monthly.

The key to building your Google reputation is consistent action, consistent writing,
and consistent posting.

The week between Christmas and the New Year presents an amazing opportunity to any person who is B2B, and many B2C. It’s the time to make your plan for next year. The time to make your Christmas list is not December 1st, it’s January 1st. That’s the day you begin to earn your gifts from mother Google for the next year. Or not.

Okay, so Google may not really be Santa Claus. But the similarities are remarkable, and the results are the same. If you’re good, you get toys. If you’re bad, you get coal.

The reality is you have to be on the good side of Santa Claus, and you must be on the good side of mother Google.

How important is your Google ranking? If you want material things, a great Google ranking, a great Google personal brand, and a great Google ranking, and a great Google reputation will ensure that you get all the things on your list, and a new house, and a new car.

Happy, healthy, wealthy, family holiday and New Year!