Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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SCAMPER is a checklist of idea-spurring questions. Some of the questions were first suggested by Alex Osborn, a pioneer teacher of creativity. They were later arranged by Bob Eberle into this mnemonic.

S = Substitute?

C = Combine?

A = Adapt?

M = Modify? = Magnify?

P = Put to other uses?

E = Eliminate or minify?

R = Reverse? = Rearrange?


1. Isolate the challenge or subject you want to think about.

2. Ask SCAMPER questions about each step of the challenge or subject and see what new ideas emerge. Asking the questions is like tapping all over the challenge with a hammer to see where the hollow spots are.

This information was found in Michael Michalko’s excellent book Thinkertoys. For more information, you can visit his website