“See” and “Think” before “Do” = bigger success than you have now.

“See” and “Think” before “Do” = bigger success than you have now.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

“See”and “Think” before “Do” = bigger success than you have now.

In order to succeed andgrow in your sales career, you have to get past the mentality of”make more sales,” “hit my quota,” “end of the month,””end of the quarter” or “make my plan.” It’s not that youdon’t have to “hit your numbers,” it’s that you have to THINKbeyond them and SEE beyond them to get to the success level in salesthat you seek.

Thought andvision are two critical elements in growth, whether it’scompany growth, career growth, or personal growth.

How do you seethings?
Do you see the bigpicture or a commission?
Do you see the bigpicture or a sale?
Do you see the bigpicture or a quota?
Do you see the bigpicture or a cold call?
Do you see the bigpicture or your job?
Do you see the bigpicture or the big problems?
Do you see the bigpicture or the big complaints?
Do you see the bigpicture or the present economy?
Do you see the bigpicture or the price of gasoline?

How do you thinkabout things?
* Do you wake upin the morning and think about what the weather is, or do you thinkabout your frame of mind and how to ensure a positive day?
* Do you turn onthe TV without thinking, or do you read a few pages of a book togenerate thought?
* Do you thinkabout traffic on the way to work, or your first sales call of the dayand how successful it will be?
* Do you thinkabout prospecting and leads, or building relationships to earnreferrals?

If you “see” yourcareer with the right vision, and you “think about” your actionswith the right vision, then your direction will be towards successrather than just “numbers.” And your direction will be towards”best” not just “sales.”

Numbers are important,but the right vision will get you to them faster than another coldcall.

The following list isan eye opener and a brain opener. I am asking you to read,understand, apply, and become proficient in each of these elementsand characteristics of BIG PICTURE.

The big picture isdelivering value.
The big picture ishaving a great attitude every day.
The big picture isbelieving in what you do.
The big picture isbeing of service without measuring.
The big picture isearning a referral.
The big picture isbuilding a relationship.
The big picture isthinking long term.
The big picture ismaking all decisions based on the person you seek to become.
The big picture ishaving a great reputation.
The big picture iscommunity volunteering and helping.
The big picture iscreating family and community value.
The big picture isachievement.
The big picture isimprovement.
The big picture isstriving to be your best.
The big picture isdedicating yourself to remaining a life-long student in sales,service, and attitude.
The big picture isdevoting yourself to your success and your fulfillment.
The big picture isloving what you do.

How much time do youdevote to thinking about the big picture? Can you visualize the bigpicture? Can you see the big picture? Is it a clear picture? Are youtaking action towards the big picture? Are you becoming proficient inthe elements of the big picture? Or are you “too busy” to seeBIG, because you’re all wrapped up in SMALL?

SMALL is striving for anew car, or some other material goal. SMALL is spending your timeplanning a one-week vacation or worrying about just “making yournumbers.”

I saw a quote the otherday that gave me an insightful AHA! Perhaps it will do the same foryou. “People think I’m disciplined. It is not discipline. It isdevotion. There is a great difference.” Luciano Pavarotti, operasinger 1935-2007.

It’s interesting tome that people in the arts have a huge dedication and devotion totheir craft. They love what they do, and they’re emotionally drivento perform their personal best every day. And the ones who rise tothe top earn a fortune.

They have vision ofperformance way before they perform, they think about theirperformance way before they execute, and they practice to perfecttheir skills with a devotion to excel.

Here are a fewthoughts that will help your vision and your thinking:
* If you dedicatemore time for yourself and your studies, the money will follow.
* If you love whatyou do, the money will follow.
* If you help enoughpeople, the money will follow.
* If you are the bestat what you do, the money will follow.

Dedicate time to yourself-improvement in areas beyond selling. Devote yourself toproviding value and being your best for your customers. Take careerachievement actions, don’t just make more sales calls.

What do you see?
What do you think?

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