Shifting into the millennium — what personal gear are you in?

Shifting into the millennium — what personal gear are you in?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at



Shifting into the millennium what personal gear are you in?

Some people are waiting for the turn of the century others are preparing for it. Which are you?

How are you preparing to blast into the 21st century? How are you developing and keeping the winning edge? How will you stay one step ahead of the competition? Well, if you’ve ever heard someone say “Shift into high gear” you’re close. Shift is the operative word. Transitioning from one way of doing things to another. Transitioning and shifting are very close.

Just shift (transition) from one method of operation or philosophy to a better one. Not all at once just identify what needs to be shifted, and go for it little by little day by day. Gear by gear. Shift is easier than change. Shift is more understandable than paradigm. And shift is a prerequisite for success in the next century (maybe the next year).

There are the fundamental business, sales, customer service, and personal shifts to adopt in order to receive your passport to the new millennium. All areas must be dealt with or there will be no balance. Personal shifts are the hardest to make happen. Business, sales and customer service is about “it” easy. Personal is about “you” big difference read on and get uncomfortable. Presented here are the Personal Shifts.

1. Shift from “The World” to “Your World.” The World is television that does not impact your success. The World is watching things you don’t affect. Your World is family, children, selfstudy. The World is watching news. Your World is making news. Which world is more important? Your World, of course. Which world do you spend more time in? For most people it’s The World. Your 21st century challenge is to at least equalize the time spent in each world.

2. Shift from making others happy first to making yourself happy first. In order to be your best for others (family, friends, coworkers, customers), first you must be the best for yourself. Concentrate on making yourself great.

3. Shift from blaming to taking responsibility. Once you realize who is responsible for your success, you stop the blaming others for its failure. It’s so easy to shift the wrong way from responsibility to blame. To make others look bad to save your face BUT it will never earn you the success and fulfillment you’ve worked so hard for.

4. Shift from knowing to doing. Salespeople already know everything problem is they don’t do it. The key to get from knowing to doing is selfevaluation. Instead of saying or thinking “I know that!” say “How can I improve my skill level at that?” Not I know it, but how good am I at it?

5. Shift from 95 mentality to 24 hour focus. Be alert for opportunity to strike at any moment. And be ready and willing to seize it when it appears.

6. Shift goals from material to personal. It’s easy to set a goal for a big house or new car but the real goal is to be the best at what you do. When your goal is to be the best the house and car suddenly appear.

7. Shift from taking to giving. It is better to give than receive. Try it it works better than any single success strategy.

8. Shift from immediate gratification to delayed gratification. Put away 20% of your earnings and invest them don’t spend them.

9. Shift from making money to earning money. A subtle but powerful shift. The more you strive to earn money the more money you’ll earn.

10. Shift from inside the box to outside the box. Get creative in every aspect of life. Creative stretches your mind and expands your adventure and fun factor by a million.

11. Shift from no sweat to sweat. Complacent people get passed ask any hare. Have your internal passion for achievement set on high. Rest once in a while for rejuvenation but don’t rest on your laurels.

12. Shift from follower to leader. Even if you don’t want to be a big time leader, lead something so you can understand (and better relate to) how leaders operate.

13. Shift from ego based to self based. Love what you do not what someone else wants you to do. Love what you think of yourself not what someone else thinks of you.

13.5 Shift from imbalance to inbalance. Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial balance will ensure a steady path to success and fulfillment. If any one of the five are out of balance, the ship will tilt or sink, depending on the weight of imbalance.

Personal shifts are the most difficult to read, because they hit home. Personal shifts are the most difficult to achieve because they mean a change in lifestyle. Now, I’m not telling you you gotta employ all these shifts. I am saying others are. Your choice.

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