The double your income formula – sort of.

The double your income formula – sort of.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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442The Double Your Income Formula – sort of.

Want to double your income?
“Show me the money!” You scream.
No, show me you are willing to work hard to get better.
“Show me the money!” You scream.
You don’t get it. Most salespeople (not you, of course) are not willing to do the hard work it takes to make selling easy. PLUS, most salespeople already know everything. They already THINK they know the answers, because they “TRIED that before and it didn’t work.”

Business lore says that Edison tried and failed more than 1,000 times before inventing a light bulb that worked. Many salespeople quit after the third failure. Most, however quit after the first one or two failures.

Suppose Edison decided to quit after failure number 753? No way – he was on a mission. A mission of success. What mission are you on?

Most salespeople are on the “quota” or “sales plan” mission. Make a certain “number of sales” are achieved by some period of time – usually month and year. I wish there was ONE plan that said create 100 solid relationships this year; or earn 100 unsolicited referrals this year, or keep 100% of your existing customers loyal this year.

The “relationship-loyalty” mission is the only long term plan that will lead to success.

OK, so much for the soapbox. Here’s the meat:

Last week I presented the first part of the formula for doubling sales. NOTE: Miss part one last week? Go to (register if you’re a first time user) and type MISSED PART ONE in the GitBit box – there it is.

This “How to Succeed in Sales” formula will help clarify your philosophy and strategy of selling. Once you realize that you “sell to help” instead of “selling to total up your commissions,” sales success will be yours.

Part one last week was The Action-Formula. Part two this week is, The Realities and the Strategies. Please don’t be confused by it’s simplicity – this list just makes it seem simple – the fact is: Selling ain’t easy.

I’m going to give you the Realities and Strategies of Sales Success – your job is to make an implementation plan for each one…
1. Get and stay likeable. The customer buys you FIRST. Sell yourself BEFORE you try to sell your company or your product.
2. Make a list of what you say you do that your competition does NOT say they do. There in NOTHING on the list. In other words, get creative and say something new. HINT: Add new questions that your competition doesn’t ask.
3. There are NO new objections – get rid of them. Make a list of the objections you hear over and over (not interested, happy with present supplier, price too high, no budget, send me a proposal, and so many more), and figure out answers that win, and use those instead of the ones you’re using.
4. Get the prospect hot for you. Make a copy of your traditional customer “hot list” then ask yourself the question “hot for who?” Make a list of prospects that are hot to do business with you – smaller list.
5. Try it as soon as you learn it. After you listen to a strategy or sales technique, try to use it within the hour. Listening followed by doing leads to mastery.
6. Modify what you learn – adapt it to your personality. Don’t do it the way I do it – do it the way it suits your personality and style. Be yourself.
7. Adapt what you learn to your product or service. Not all sales information is about what you sell. So what? Just figure out how what they teach applies to you and try that.
8. Get and keep positive attitude by studying attitude every morning. The secret of attaining attitude is reading for 15 minutes every morning. I’ve been doing it for 25 years and so far it’s working.
9. Join Toastmasters