The fax machine will breed sales if you harness its power.

The fax machine will breed sales if you harness its power.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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The fax machine will breed sales if you harness its power.

A fax demands attention. When a fax is received it is hand delivered (and read) immediately.

Because faxing is still a new technology, many salespeople have yet to discover its power and immediacy. If speed of response is important to your selling process, the fax looms large as a vital tool. It can actually be the

competitive edge if used properly.

Faxing provides instant information. I have often faxed documents in the middle of a sales conversation.

Here are 16 selling reasons to fax someone today.

to be first with important information.

to get back with a price, a quote or a proposal for a prospect’s immediate need.

to get information or a letter (or an invoice) to a prospect that claims they never got it in the mail.

to change a contract.

to get a solid selling message through when your call isn’t returned.

to beg for a returned phone call.

to punch a point; to emphasize.

to answer a question about something germane to the sale (same day as question was asked).

to warn of an impending price rise or change in product.

to introduce a new product or service.

to thank.

to inform.

to congratulate.

to remind of a date or deadline.

to confirm an appointment.

to pass a great joke along (a word of caution, many folks on the receiving end will see your humor, keep it clean).

Proper use of the fax is one thing. Improper abuse of the fax is another. Like all aspects of sales, timing is the essential ingredient. A fax is to sales as trump is to bridge. You only play trump when it is to your maximum advantage to do so. Misplay your cards and you will lose the hand and probably the game. To over use or abuse the fax destroys its ability to work in your favor. Avoid words like urgent, critical, and emergency. Don’t use the fax in place of a cold call, or as a first contact.

Here are some other random facts about fax:

If you don’t own a fax machine, consider getting into the 20th century before it’s over.

The fax gets immediate attention. You have a page or two to get information to your prospect use the space wisely. Say only what is necessary to achieve your next objective.

Creativity is essential. If your fax is clever, different, and contains concise information, you will gain confidence and attention.

Always fax on the fine or detail setting. It takes longer, but when your fax comes through crisp and clear to your prospect, it reflects the quality of your company…and viceversa.

The fax machine will breed sales if you harness its power.

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Let your fax cover sheet reflect your creativity. Don’t be afraid to use a little humor. Lawyers have fancy notices on their cover sheet that basically says if you read the fax and it is not addressed to you, your eyes will fall out and you’ll burn in hell. To keep things in perspective I created my own set of fax rules that appear on my fax cover sheet:

1. Deliver this document at once to the person named above.

2. Don’t read the fax unless it’s directed to you, nosey.

3. Our phone # is 704/3331112 if you need to call.

4. Our fax # is 704/3331011 if you need to fax.

5. Hurry up.

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Faxing is instant.

Sometimes it can be the difference between

your order or

your competitions.

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