The “non-system” and the “secret rules” of “not-selling.”

The “non-system” and the “secret rules” of “not-selling.”

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

The “nonsystem” and the “secret rules” of “notselling.”

Jeffrey, is there a system of selling?
No. But, there is a nonsystem.
Jeffrey, is there an easier way to sell than others?
Yes, but it requires hard work and dedication.
Jeffrey, this is getting complicated is it easy or hard?
It’s hard at first then easy.
Jeffrey, comeon man, give me the answers.
It’s very advanced. It takes time to get to the results.
Jeffrey, I work hard, man. I’m ready for a better way.
This is unconventional, and flies in the face of “normal.”
Jeffrey, I’m dying over here.

OK But you’re not gonna like this at first, because it’s not the standard: Warmup, probe, present, overcome objections, close, confirm, thank, leave. That’s “how to make a sale.” People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. This is a “nonsystem.” It’s the alternative to a bunch of manipulative tactics it’s a long term winning strategy. This is how to make people want to buy.

This nonsystem is the most powerful, profitable, lucrative sales strategy ever developed and it has very little to do with selling tactics. It has everything to do with creating an atmosphere where people want to buy. And just to be clear this is not “how to sell” this is how I sell.

And since I created the “nonsystem,” I’m naming it after myself. The Gitomer “NonSystem” of Selling.

Here are the 2.5 ground rules for applying the Gitomer “nonsystem.”
1. It is learned and mastered over time. IT IS NOT A QUICK FIX. It won’t help you make this months quota, BUT it will help you achieve a lifetime of sales success, quotas included. I’ve been refining it for 25 years.
2. It assumes you believe in your company, your product, your service, and yourself. If those beliefs are not present, the rest of this information is a waste of your time. In sales if you believe, you have a chance to set an atmosphere to transfer that belief. And create an atmosphere where someone wants to BUY. Otherwise, it’s a “sale” and you will fight “price.” That would be a transaction. My “nonsystem” relies on value.
2.5 This nonsystem also assumes you are a student of sales and success and have a regular learning discipline. Oh, that. MAJOR CLUE: a regular learning discipline does not include reruns of Married with Children, Cheers or ER.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR BEST RESULTS: Read the list of elements twice. Consider the entire big picture to gain understanding. in this “nonsystem,” consider them as a whole, but master them individually.

Well, after all that buildup, this better be good.

Here are the 9.5 steps of how to make people want to buy, buy again, and tell others to buy:
1. Become known by your prospects before you call on them. (hint: In sales it’s not who you know. In sales it’s who knows you.)
2. Give value first. (hint: Your brochure and literature may have value to you, but they have little or no value to the prospect.)
3. Create attraction and be attractive. (hint: Make people want to know you by the business, market, and community actions you take.)
4. Get people (prospects) to call you, walk in your door, or ask for an initial meeting. (hint: Value attracts. No cold calling here.)
5. Make them like you, believe you, have confidence in you, and trust you. (hint: People buy from people they like and trust.)
6. Make them perceive a difference between you and your competition. (hint: Make a list of what you’re saying or doing you are CERTAIN is different from what your competition is saying or doing. Small list?)
7. Create an atmosphere where prospects want to buy. (hint: Ask compelling questions. Make your information seem or be valuable to them. Show prospects how they will use and benefit from your product or service, not what it does or how it works and especially not how good you are.)
8. Ask them for the order. (hint: One of the biggest reasons prospects don’t buy is that no one asks them to.)
9. Be so valuable and memorable that they come back for more and tell someone else. (hint: What are your customers saying about you after a typical call, sale or transaction.)
9.5 Measure your success by the number of unsolicited referrals you get. (hint: It’s the highest percentage sales lead in your arsenal.)

OK, there it is The Gitomer “NonSystem” of Selling. Now you can go out (or come in) to work and make every sale. I’ve just given you the secret formula to sell EVERYONE. Go on go, go. Oh, wait, I forgot these steps require explanation and work. Hard work. Damn hard work.

Here’s the secret rule of sales success that goes with the above elements: Most salespeople won’t do the hard work it takes to make selling easy.

I’ll make a deal with you I’ll provide the explanation next week, if you provide the hard work. Fair enough?