The Prospect Says, “I’m Satisfied with My Present Source.”

The Prospect Says, “I’m Satisfied with My Present Source.”

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Great, just what you wanted to hear.

But don’t discourage easily on this one; it’s actually pretty easy to get an opening and begin a relationship if you can get the prospect talking. Just because he’s is satisfied now, doesn’t mean he’ll stay that way. You may have a better product, price, availability for delivery, service, training, or warranty. The prospect is only telling you he’s satisfied from his perspective. He doesn’t really know about you or your company yet.

The top ten reasons your prospect likes the vendor he’s currently using:

  1. Price or great deal (perceived value)
  2. Quality of product/service
  3. Has a special business relationship
  4. Has personal relationship
  5. Has used for years
  6. Doesn’t know any better
  7. Helped me when I needed it
  8. Great service
  9. In stock immediate delivery
  10. Personalized service/does favors

The best reader answer (and contest winner) for “we already have a satisfactory vendor” came from Lee Tabor, NC Sales Manager for Security Pacific Financial Services who says, “What do you like most about the vendor you’re using?” and “Is there anything you would like to see changed?” Ms. Tabor is looking for openings to present her benefits in a way that would show the present vendor doesn’t really compare that well. There were lots of other good responses. Some excerpts include:

Wayne Birch and Rosemary Hess of Dictaphone say, “We have recently introduced new technologies that go beyond your present equipment, and would appreciate an opportunity to demonstrate.”

Thomas Costello of Southern Real Estate says, “Suggest that the prospect use your service for a trial period of 3090 days.”

Rick Drummond of Drummond Marketing Services offers, “First, we should realize that what your prospect is saying is that their existing supplier is the best they’ve been able to find.”

John Mullins of Hill Floral Products says, “I’m sure you will agree, Mr. Prospect, that as a businessman, you owe it to your business to continue to actively seek out the best value.”

Robert Jones of Southeastern Support Services says, “Mr. Prospect, when I personally have a satisfactory vendor, I still need one other possible vendor as a point of reference to make sure I’m getting the best price, selection of products and value.”

Thomas Bronson of B&B XRay says “What standards do you judge your vendors by?” Raising the question of standards will get the prospect thinking about future performance not just past.”

The 3 keys to success with this objection are:

  1. Ask two open ended questions:
    1. What are the things you like most about the vendor?
    2. What would you change if you could?
  2. Go for the sample or trial order. Something to get your foot in the door.
  3. If you get a chance to give some information, you’d better make it sound great.

Thanks for all your responses. There are far too many to acknowledge them all. I encourage you to continue to respond to these questions and test your selling skills.


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If a satisfactory relationship exists, find out the good and bad of it,
and hope to get an opportunity to prove yourself with a
small “test” order or trial period.