The Sales Actions to be Remembered are the One’s Brought.

The Sales Actions to be Remembered are the One’s Brought.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at


Often what makes people buy are the little things. Little memorable things. Little memorable things repeated over time that build enough good will, value, confidence, and trust to effect a sale.

How memorable are you? How memorable are your actions? How many surprises do you create? How much magic do you make? If you’re not sure of the answer, ask yourself these (fighting) questions:

Am I beaten by competition regularly?

Am I arguing and fighting price constantly?

Am I fighting to get my calls returned?

Am I fighting for sales?

Yes to any of these means on the “memorable scale” your rating is in the “not very” category.

Opportunities to surprise and create positive memorable actions are everywhere. Before, during and after the sale. Your job is to identify them and take action.

Here are 16.5 surprise elements (broken down by sections of the sales cycle) that can make or break the sale:

Building value first…

1. Get them leads or business. Stop by for fun. Deliver a name of someone interested in doing business with them. The next time you call, they won’t know whether you’re buying or selling. WOW. Help them build their business so you can earn yours.

2. Have new information and answers. Get your prospect surprise information. Information to make them think. Information that lets them know you’re thinking about them. Send something funny to make them smile and think of you in a positive way.

3. Leave half of a message. Pretend you got cut off right at the good part (be sure to leave your name and number first).


Set the sales stage…

4. Have a personal welcome. A big banner, not one of those dinky signs with the letters that look like a menu board in a cheap restaurant.

5. Give a gift. Something that the prospect can relate to. Something that matches his or her personal interests. Something that will make her smile.

6. Show unbelievable enthusiasm. Enthusiasm breeds smiles and confidence. People like to be around upbeat happy people. Not many people are happy. Those who are happy, stand out. Do you?

7. Have a contagious attitude. Attitude is the root of enthusiasm. You become what you think about. The self confidence and self belief you display are the basis for your credibility your belief system is driven by your attitude. A great attitude is rare. Be rare.


During the presentation…

8. Sit in their chair. Pure guts and fun. Get the prospect to leave his or her chair then sit in it. Wait till you see their look.

9. Ask a drop dead question. A question that makes them stop and think. A question they have never heard before. A question that earns their respect.

10. State it in terms of them (not you). No one cares what you do, unless it helps them. Say how you help, not what you do.

11 Know something personal something about/for them. Show them you know. Show them you took the time to find out.

12. Serve great food. Everything you say, do, give and serve is a reflection of you and your image. You make an impression with every action. Serve the best to be perceived as the best. It only costs about 20 bucks to create a lasting conversation piece. Associate you, your company and your product with the word BEST.


Off business experiences…

13. Memorable meals. Surprise them by arriving at their favorite restaurant. Have their favorite food delivered to your office and work through lunch..

14. Tickets. Ball games and theater are wonderful memory builders. The secret is GO WITH THEM. Giving two tickets to a prospect defeats the process and ruins your chance to establish a personal information advantage. Another great place to go is your area planetarium (surround screen theaters). Take the prospect and his family on a weekend you’ll have a memory and an order.

15. Mini Events. Meet the prospect at the (golf) driving range. Hit a bucket of balls and eat a fast lunch. Great way to play golf and make a deal without killing the whole day.

16. Three way a lunch with a prospect for them. Can’t get the prospect to meet with you? Get a prospect or connection that can help your prospect to eat with you, and watch the decision change in about 2 seconds.


And the secret glue…

16.5 The link: use it if found. When you find out what you have in common with the prospect, you have a distinct competitive advantage. It may be the advantage that swings the sale. Golf, college, children in the same activity, vacation spot, hometown. Anything you both like or do.

One last note: When it’s over, say “thank you” in a memorable way. Everyone says thank you. Your job is to say it, and be remembered for saying it. A gift, a personal note, a referral.

Creating magic moments is critical to the repeat business and referred business you get. The easiest way to identify your magic is List your magic. If your list is short make some.

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