The secret of success? It’s NOT work. It’s NETwork!

The secret of success? It’s NOT work. It’s NETwork!

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

What can networking do for your relationships?

Build them.
What can networking do for your sales?
Make them.
What can networking do for your success?
The right contacts and connections can make or break it.

Well if networking is so important, why aren’t you out there doing more of it?
Here are the big four reasons:

  1. You think it takes too much time, and you are unwilling to dedicate time.
  2. You have a “they don’t pay me enough money to do this” attitude, and you are doomed to negativity and mediocrity.
  3. You think cold calling is a great way to prospect.
  4. You want to, but you don’t know how or where.

If you’re #4, I can help you. And this information is vital to making a successful networking plan. If you’re #1-3, this information is not for you, but don’t worry, you already know everything anyway, so this would just be a review.

Last week I gave you the first part of the list of the BEST twenty places to network. If you missed it, go to and enter BEST NETWORK in the GitBit box and the entire list is yours.

OK, here are the rest of the 20.5 BEST places to network.
12. Join a private club. A golf country club, a food and networking club like Club Corp. with branches all over the US, or a small private club. In Charlotte it’s Belle Acres, America’s premier private club. Great food (Mike the chef is beyond superb). Great atmosphere (fascinating memorabilia on every wall). Great service (always with a smile and some humor). Great owner (Bud mingles and his dry wit adds to the fun of being there). Oh, and great networking (every Charlotte big-wig eventually eats at Belle Acres).
13. Meal networking. Invite a prospect to dine. Then invite a prospect for him or her. While in the restaurant, see who else is in the bar. Hop around without being rude. Introduce everyone you meet to whoever you brought. Make it ultra friendly. Compliment everyone in your introduction. PERSONAL NOTE: I have a morning breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels. I love the food and service. I have all my morning meetings there. I ALWAYS meet other people there. My breakfast meeting is always to do a deal. And often my chance meetings result in business. SUCCESS HINT: Own a restaurant or three. Places where you frequent and know the owners and managers. It plays a major role in your meal networking.
14. Health club. Exercise and network. Get healthy and wealthy at the same time. In Charlotte it’s the “Y.” Join the “in” club, and get “in” shape to win.
15. Sports events. Both games and tailgates. Everyone eventually goes to the ball game. And for the competitive sports nut within you, play The Networking Game, it’s in my book “The Sales Bible.”
16. Parents of your children’s friends. If you have a big prospect whose kid plays ball in the same league as your kid, you’ll have a big advantage to make him a big customer.
17. Happy hour. This can be a great place to make a quick connection. Just don’t get too happy.
18. Karaoke. Not only do you have a blast and meet people, you also improve your presentation skills every time you sing a song.
19. Neighborhood homeowner’s association/condo association. Get to know your neighbors and who they know.
20. The airplane. I don’t mean you need to meet every passenger but get to know your seat mate. You never know who they know until you ask. I always try to sell a book to the person sitting next to me. It’s fun, it’s practice, and it’s profitable.
20.5 Being ready to network when you get there. Woody Allen says 90% of success is showing up. And he’s almost right. Ninety percent of success is showing up PREPARED. Having your personal commercial, or cocktail commercial, or one minute hook ready to spin at a moments notice is evidence of your networking prowess — or not.

OK, I’ve given you the meat.
Here’s your personal action plan: List the possible areas — every one of them.
Figure out who goes there now and who MAY be there.
Figure out what business enticement you have and start there.
Secret: Get respected by those who count — don’t just attend — get involved and lead.
Big secret: The key advantage is that networking is relaxed: business leisure. The work day is busy: business frantic. You’ll get more done and see more people in the leisure zone.
Biggest secret: Antennas up at all times. My mentor and friend Earl Pertnoy has preached those words to me for more than twenty years. I don’t care where you are: bathrooms, lines, lobbies of hotels, car washes, elevators, and restaurants are all game if you’re alert. Follow Earl’s advice as I do and you’ll get the lead or the deal you were never expecting.

It is important to note that these “best places to network” are not just ideas and suggestions. Every item listed above is something I do personally, and have had MAJOR success with. These are things I do, not just things I teach.

Make contacts, make sales, eliminate cold calling, build your career, build relationships, build your reputation, and make friends. I have met my life-long best friends networking — and I also do business with them — thousands of dollars worth.

How many life long friends do you make cold-calling?

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