Three principles that lead to sales success and wealth.

Three principles that lead to sales success and wealth.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Three principles that lead to sales success and wealth.

Many people get into sales to “make money.” There could not be a worse reason to enter the profession of selling. The best way to amass a lot of money in sales is to earn it.

NOTE WELL: I did not say make money. In sales you don’t make money — you earn it. The biggest reason sales people fail is the philosophy — “I’m in sales to make money.” “I’m in sales because that’s where the money is.”

As a sales professional, everyone wants to earn a million dollars. Each of us for different reasons — but we all need (want) money to achieve our goals and dreams. How do you get the money? By living and executing the three principles of sales wealth building.
1. You earn money by building a strong self-belief system.
2. You earn money by being better than the rest.
3. You earn money by having answers that others don’t.

Here’s a brief overview of each principle.
Building belief is…Having the confidence that you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Knowing why you want to earn a fortune, and living the dream by having the confidence to take action. How are you building that belief now?
Being better than the rest is…Doing whatever it takes to excel at what you do. Getting up one hour earlier. Always making the last call of the day. Striving to be the best at everything, and not be willing to settle for second place. There is no prize for second place in sales (actually there is a prize — first loser).
Learning new answers is…Exposing yourself to success information that you don’t now have — but need to be the best. Seminars, books, tapes — a plan of life-long learning. There is only one way to get answers. By learning them. It seems simple — just not easy. Some people have to go through failure to get them. Some have a steady diet of exposing themselves to new information every day. The key is learning something new every day.

How are you getting those answers now? Have you put yourself in a position to get the knowledge you need — to earn the money you want to achieve your dreams?

“The biggest reason people don’t succeed is that they don’t expose themselves to existing information.” says Jim Rohn, America’s business philosopher. And I add to that — “Therefore, they don’t believe in themselves enough, and lack the confidence to succeed.”

It’s not so important that you want to succeed — it’s critical you know why you want to succeed — and what has prevented you from achieving your success to date? What belief system and game plan do you need to put in place to gain that success?

Warning: If you read the last paragraph and blamed everyone and everything but yourself, you are doomed. Take responsibility for the failure — and do something about it (I’ll guarantee when you succeed you’ll take the responsibility).

It’s easy to lose self-belief, if the one you’ve got in place is weak due to poor knowledge and lack of determination. It’s easy to fail at sales if you have never told yourself (sold yourself) the real reason you want sales success in the first place. Not earning money for moneys sake — but the real reason you want the money, and what you’ll do with it once you get it.

For example, you may want money for a home of your own, for a specific college that you want your child to attend, it may be to liberate you from a spouse, it may be to gain the approval of a sibling or a parent. Whatever it is — uncover it, write it down, post it up (if possible), carry it with you, read it twice a day — and then you will begin to live it.

But that’s only half of the success formula. You must also seek to be the best at what you do. I promise you that if you seek to be the best and focus on that, your other goals and dreams will just show up.

Combine your “why” with the desire and dedication to be the best, and presto — sales success.

Some of you are reading this and saying, “Jeffrey, don’t bug me with this philosophy stuff, tell me how to make sales.” I am. This is the most powerful sales lesson I can deliver. Only a few will get it — the ones who will rise to the top.

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