Two words that define sales…Your sales

Two words that define sales…Your sales

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

Part two of a two part series:

The second most important word in selling is why. It’s important because it leads to the one thing you can’t make sales without answers.

The word why applies to three aspects of your sales (and your) life:

Why you?

Why them?

Why ask?


Why you: Why are you in sales? To make “good” money? False. A better (and more truthful) answer is what you will do with the money. What your money will buy you. Who you will help with your money. That’s your real why.

Determining the real reason why you’re in sales will allow you to go into a sales call with a purpose, a mission. Identifying and developing your “why” will help you achieve the dedication and self-discipline you need to learn to become a great salesperson. Discovery of “why” will also lead you to the belief that you are the best.

Self-belief is the first and most critical function of the selling process.

Success Strategy: Write your “why” in a few words (example: “I want my son to go to the college of his choice.”) on 3×5 cards and place them in five strategic locations.

  1. On your bathroom mirror.
  2. On the dashboard of your car.
  3. On the wall of your office where you can see it (maybe on your computer).
  4. On your office telephone.
  5. In your wallet (near your money).

You may have more than one why for best results, post them all.

Why them: The biggest mistake salespeople make is trying to sell for the wrong reasons their own. You see, people don’t buy for your reasons they buy for their reasons so find their reasons (their “why”) first and sell them on that.

Finding out the prospect’s real “why” is the most important process of the selling process.

Success strategy: The real why you’re after may be 3 or 4 questions deep. When you get a superficial why answer, ask why again. It will get you closer to the real truth.

Secrets to the discovery of “why:”

  • People may be embarrassed or reluctant to reveal their real why.
  • People may not know their real why because they never thought about it (had the guts to think about it, had the courage to face it) .
  • The real why may be behind the stated need. Something they really need to accomplish, something they hate, love, or are passionate about.

The real why only comes to the surface with the proper use of part three:

Why ask: Questions are the heart of sales. To get the true why of the prospect, you must ask the right why questions. Questions that get the prospect to answer about your desires stated in their interests or needs. Ask them questions about them (their why), and have them answer in terms of you (your why).

Why is the questioning element of the sale that will lead to other pathways of information if asked properly.

Why leads you to all the answers you need in order to complete a sale, define expectations, and build a relationship.

Why gets down to the real reasons for the sale of yours and theirs..

Success Strategy: Preplan your questions. Have a list with you to refer to at all times. Test them out for reaction and their ability to generate response.

The two most important words in sales you and why are part of a formula that every salesperson should have emblazoned on their soul: you + why = yes!


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