What do you do on vacation? What should you do?

What do you do on vacation? What should you do?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

Take vacations?

Where do you go?
What do you do?
Do you “turn everything off” or “leave your laptop at home”?
If you “need a vacation” it may just be a symptom.

I am “on vacation” at this very moment. In Nassau, Bahamas. Sitting bythe pool. Relaxing. It’s sunny and 82 degrees (with the wind chillfactor, that makes it 81 degrees), and I’m writing. Well actually I’mthinking, and capturing my thoughts in writing. I love to write, andeven though I do it every day, vacation gives me more freedom togenerate new thought.

What do you do on vacation?
Read three books?
Eat food that’s not part of your diet?
Play golf?
Just play?
Lay by the pool and read?
Ski the Alps?
Get a tan?
Relax? Just veg out?
Drink a lot?

Sometimes people party so hard on vacation, that when they get home, they need another vacation.

One common thread among the people on vacation: Everyone seems to behappy. Unless your bring your kids. Then the happiness factor reducessome. Kids wanna have total fun, parents want to restrict fun.

One more observation: If you think obesity is not a problem in America,sit by the pool and take a look at people in their bathing suits.YIKES! I joked to my partner Jessica that if we were invaded by anenemy, most of the people couldn’t even run away.

Why do people look forward to a vacation, besides the things I namedabove? Because, it gives them a respite from their day-to-dayresponsibility.

What people fail to realize is that when they relax, and let go, ideashave a chance to “pop” into their heads. Same with you. And those ideasmust be captured if you seek to take advantage of them.

Think-write-relax-think — somehow, relaxing brings the next thought. Like magic.

You go away to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body, and there area thousand places you can pick. Problem is you spend too much timeselecting. JUST GO! And once you get there, don’t spend too much timedrinking. When you’re drunk, you miss out on thoughts and ideas. Andyou spend half your relax time getting sober.

My vacations are selected based on:
Doing what my body tells me to do.
Doing what my mind tells me what to do.
Going someplace nice. I can afford them, so I go with fun in mind, not budget.
Going someplace new. There is an excitement in a first-time visit.
I know I will take my laptop and all connectivity devices with me, because I intend to work AND relax.

When I could not afford vacations, I didn’t go — rather I visualizedall the other vacations I had gone on, and was, for the moment,fulfilled and grateful. I kept my momentum knob set on, “do what youlove and work hard to succeed,” knowing I could celebrate later.

Lately I have been choosing weekend beach locations in the winter. Forme, the sun has “relax power.” For me, the water has “renewal” power.Health spas for years have claimed they possessed “fountain of youth.”All they had was water.

People will challenge me to “just relax” and “leave work at home.”

UPDATE: Just because I’m writing, doesn’t mean I’m not relaxing. Itrelaxes me to empty my brain of thoughts, or challenge my mind to think– and then lay back to let the sun have at me — like some elixir — theultimate shot of vitamin D. I love what I do, and choose to do it whileI relax.

The purpose of this dialog is to challenge you to take a little moretime for yourself. But be prepared once you arrive. New ideas come tomind while you’re relaxing.
New thoughts bring new energy, and renewed enthusiasm for career and family.

Capture your thoughts on vacation. Elaborate on them. Bank them. And let them pay for the next few vacations.

There are 3.5 more things that I challenge you to do on your nextvacation. To read the list, go to www.gitomer.com, register if you’re afirst-time visitor, and enter the word VACATION in the GitBit box.