What is the BEST way to make a sales presentation?

What is the BEST way to make a sales presentation?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

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What is the BEST way to make a sales presentation?

The pitch. Or better stated how you deliver it.
Is there a demeanor thats best for success in a sales presentation?

After a seminar the other day, someone asked how come Im so relaxed when I present? I said, Im not worried about what I have to say next, Im well prepared for the presentation, Im experienced at presentations to large groups and dont have stage fright, and I love what I do. There, that answers that.

One minute later, someone else remarked how intense and well focused I was. How is this possible? One guy says relaxed, next guy says intense. I had to stop and think about it.

As I thought back through several hundred sales and platform presentations over the past few years, the answer became more obvious. Im always ready, Im always relaxed, I always know why Im there, and I know what I want.

I answered the intense comment with, I want to make sure my message gets through, and that Im delivering it with as much passion as I am able. Its not 100 percent I said. Its about fifty-fifty. Fifty intense and fifty relax. I guessed. It could be 60-40, but the point is that theres a lot of BOTH.

Cut me a break here, its the first time I ever thought about it. BUT, its a revelation about the selling process that will help you understand HOW to make a better presentation, and create a buying atmosphere at the same time.

Relax is the mode.
Intense is the focus on your ability to help others, and your objective for being there: the sale, the prize.

Intense-relaxation seems to be impossible to do at once, but the fact is that if youre well prepared, the relax mode is mentally allowing you to focus on the objective rather than the information. And you can concentrate on the objective with a contagious confidence. Re-read that.

Intense preparation is the key. It takes away nervous and breeds confidence at the same time. You are ready to win. AND, it allows you to drive for the sale, not hope for it.

Nervous people are unprepared people, or have failed to be able to transfer their fear of failure into excitement for success. Well prepared people can convert nervous energy into focused energy. Intensity.

RELAX SECRET ONE: When I present to a group, I never walk out cold. Before the event starts, I mingle and shake as many hands with a smile as I am able. If theres 500 people in the room, Ive shaken at least 100 hands with a look-in-the-eye-smile and a brief comment to elicit a returned look-and-smile. What can you do to relax before you start?
RELAX SECRET TWO: A HUGE rule of presentations in a group or one-on-one is: Make friends first or dont start. Friends have a better chance for communication without stress or manipulation. What can you do to make friends first?
RELAX SECRET TWO POINT FIVE: Relaxation lets the message get through. Its more like a conversation than a sales pitch. You are relaxed AND the atmosphere is relaxed.

INTENSE SECRET ONE: In your sales presentation you have to bring your own mental arsenal with you. Passion, self-belief, belief in company and product, previous self-success, AND sales-success, and a deep knowledge that no question can throw you off the focus track or your self-belief. How sharp are your mental sales tools?
INTENSE SECRET TWO: Concentration on getting the message across with maximum impact and believability makes the message contagious. If you can do it in a relaxed atmosphere, thats balance baby. How contagious is your message?
INTENSE SECRET TWO POINT FIVE: If you have prepared your inner focus to help them decide to buy, and its in harmony with your self-belief and your self-confidence — then you can begin to practice: intense relaxation.

It never ceases to amaze me how simple sales really is. It doesnt get complicated until someone tells you theres a system that will work. Bull. And sales really gets complex when you spend a week learning the system. More Bull. But it doesnt get stupid until you try to put the system into your sales presentation and you lose focus concentrating on the system, rather than how to help. Most bull. Sales bull.

My way is real simple: Get ready, make friends, know your stuff, know your objective, and relax. Then repeat the process.

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