What’s So Funny About Cold Calls? Plenty!

What’s So Funny About Cold Calls? Plenty!

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

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What’sso funny about cold calls? Plenty!

Here’s an email I received PLEASE read it allthe way I PROMISE it’s worth it.

Dear Jeffrey, Imake anywhere from 60-100 calls a day. Why do I make so many? I am an insiderepresentative for a software company. My job is to pre-qualify prospects,searching for a reason for our company and theirs to speak.

Typical painanalysis stuff. My job is to hit the ball where the outside sales people can’t,find prospects where they aren’t, and take a lot of prospects out of thepipeline (ESPECIALLY those without a sense of humor.)

I too, amblessed with a job that I have fun with…I wake up every morning eagerlyawaiting what the day may have in store for me. I too goof around with peopleall day, in fact, I’d like to share the following story.

I’m doing ageneral prospecting campaign, following up on a mailer that was sent out. Duringmy calls, I run into someone, a Vice President of Engineering, who is clearlyhaving a bad day. The exchange goes like this (names have been changed toprotect the guilty):

ME: Good afternoon Tom, this is Mike from XYZ Technology Inc., do you havea moment to talk?

TOM: What are youselling? (This is gonna be a tough one.)

ME: Honestly, Tom,I don’t know if I can sell you ANYTHING…I don’t know anything about yourbusiness, and I’m hoping to just open up dialog at this point in time. Should itmake any sense…

TOM: Look, I don’thave time to do this little routine with you. Tell me what you got. (I cantell he’s gonna be a bully.)

ME: If there’s abetter time to call you…

TOM: Nope. What isit you’re selling. (NOW he’s going to rush me… trying desperately tocontrol the call’s tempo.)

ME: (At this point,I’m starting to get frustrated, and wanting out of this call… I go intowimp mode…and just want the call over.) Tom, I work for a solutionprovider that provides manufacturers like you with industry CAD/CAM/CAEtools…maybe you’ve heard of our flagship product, CAD TOOL DYNAMIC?

TOM: Oh yeah…youguys sent me that flyer. (uh, oh…here it comes…) Look, I’m not interested inyour company, your products, ANYTHING, you got me? Take me off your mailinglist, and stop calling, okay?!

I’m obviouslysomewhat relieved, but at the same time…just a little angry at why this guy ispounding on me. I’m doing EXACTLY what he’s doing today – my job. And believeme…I’m sure he wouldn’t be all that happy if someone treated him, or hissalespeople that way. Now its personal, and he’s messing with the wrong guy. I’mgoing to get SOMETHING from this call.

ME: Tom,fair enough. I won’t bother you anymore. I’m sure you’ve got everything you needto handle the design, manufacturing and analysis problems that come up at yourcompany. But before I go, can I ask you one question?

TOM: What?

ME: What do youthink of my tie?

TOM: What?! You’retie?!

ME: Yeah. MyTie.

TOM: What the hellkind of question is that? How the hell do I know what your tie looks like? Ican’t even SEE IT?!

ME: Well, youobviously have an opinion about my company and the products we represent…andyou haven’t seen them…

The pause,while I’m sure was only seconds…seemed like an hour…but I

didn’t waive onemoment, until I heard Tom laugh.

Tom: Son ofa gun. You got me. Look, I’m just really swamped…can you call me in a coupledays, say Thursday? I’ll give you some time, and we can talk, okay Mike?

I made theappointment, we chatted for an hour, and later (about two months), he boughtfrom my Outside Rep.

Humor works.Pick your shots. Get SOMETHING from every call. And remember that sometimes, itreally IS personal. Mike Tischer, Milwaukee

See, I told you.

I called Mike to get further insight about his humor.I use it all the time, when ever I can. He said. If you’re making ahundred calls a day, you’d better be smiling. And when I smile, they smile,and I sell.

Almost Mike. If you look at the situation in reverse,you have uncovered a major secret of selling. Ifyou can make ’em laugh, you can make ’em buy.

Mike Tischer is a (telephone) salesman with theelements he needs to succeed where others fail. He loves what he does, hebelieves in his company and product, he is un-scripted, he is creative, he knowshow to engage, he is ready with questions that make the prospect think, and heis not afraid to risk the use of humor. He is also a fine example of aprofessional salesperson.

How do your skills stack up next to Mike’s? Maybeif you stack up your skills, you can stack up your orders.

FREE GitBit ofMike Tischer’s sales philosophy and actions: Wanna know more about how asuccessful salesperson thinks and acts? I asked Mike for his ten tips forsuccess and they’re yours for the asking. All you have to do is goto www.gitomer.com register if you’re a first time user, and enter theword MIKE in the GitBit box.

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