What’s the difference between sales trump and Donald Trump?

What’s the difference between sales trump and Donald Trump?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

What’sthe difference between sales trump and Donald Trump?

Everplay pinochle or bridge? Spades or whist? These are card games thatemploy ‘trump.’

Thelowest card in the trump suit can take the highest card in any othersuit. Trump is powerful, and if played right can give you an extremeadvantage in the game you’re playing. Especially the game of sales.

SalesTrump is about playing your best card at the moment the sale can bewon or lost. I use the analogy of trump for anyone who hasever played bridge or pinochle or other card games where the trumpcard overpowers all the other cards that have been played.

Thebest example of sales trump is a video testimonial. In my seminars,after I talk about the topic, I play actual video clips that not onlyeliminate any fear or objection that a prospective customer may have,they also offer proof (testimony) that my value is greater than myprice.

How much video do youuse? How many video testimonials do you have? Your answer is probablysomewhere between very few, not enough, or none. Big mistake.

Video is everywhere.And it’s beginning to dominate the Internet. The YouTube foundersare billionaires. Video surveillance cameras are the primary PROOF ofidentity. “Caught on tape” is a phrase associated with certainguilt. And, if you do it right, video makes sales.

Your examples may be acustomer who used your competitor and then switched to you. It may besomeone who paid a higher price for your product or service becauseof their perceived value.

Takea moment and write down what your sales trump might be, and whichcustomers might be willing to speak about it on video. Then takeanother minute or two and a write a one or two sentence game plan inorder to implement the strategy immediately after reading this.

I guess you can’thelp but think of Donald Trump when reading this. Whatever you thinkof him, you can’t knock his branding. But the question is: DoesDonald Trump need sales trump?

REALITY: Donald Trumpis already in the winners seat – he can use personal power toimpose will and pressure to say yes. His stature, his wealth, and hisreputation can create deals that others can only dream about.

BUT… I’ll bet TheDonald doesn’t think he needs video to support his claims – andif he enters a meeting with you as the prime competition, and youhave several video clips that prove his facts to be “shaky” -you could actually trump Donald Trump. That’s the power of salestrump. That’s the power of video.

Here are the 3.5keys to the sales trump process:
1. Identifying whattrump you need.
2. Identifying thecustomers that could be players.
3. Filming, editing,and possessing the trump.
3.5 Playing the trumpat the right moment.

Here are two ways touse sales trump to differentiate from and even destroy thecompetition:
* In your salespresentation. The prospect will have barriers. Price, othersupplier loyalty, and multiple proposals are the big three.Proactively admit to these and have videos that prove your value.Display that customers switched from other vendors to you and loveyou, and that customers chose you without going through the proposalprocess. Play these videos at the END of your pitch.
* When a proposalis necessary. Tell the prospect that you are providing them witha video from existing customers to support every claim made. Add theDVD to your proposal. Ask your prospective customer to make all otherbidders prove their claims in video as well. SCRIPT: “Mr. Jones,anyone can make a claim. Me included. But very few are willing orable to PROVE their claims. In our proposal, we make several claims,all of which are backed up with customer video testimonials tosupport them. They even support why our price may initially behigher, but that our long-term cost is lower, and our value isgreater. To be certain you make the best choice, please request allother bidders are required to do the same.”

When do you play yourtrump? The easy answer is: when the time is right. The worst thingyou can do with trump is play it too soon.

Okay, I’ve just givenyou one of the most powerful selling concepts on the planet. Andyou’re probably not using it much – or at all. So, what are yougoing to do about it?

HERE’S WHAT TO DO:Make two videos this week and learn how to edit them. Make two moreeach week for a month. Edit them. Make sure each one is specific toyou and your value. Then slowly learn how to use trump to make sales.

One more thing. Prayyour competition isn’t reading this.

I have one morepowerful strategy in the trump process. If you want it, go towww.gitomer.com, register if you’re a first-time visitor, and enterLIVE TRUMP in the GitBit box.