What’s the secret of selling? Is there a secret? Tell me quick!

What’s the secret of selling? Is there a secret? Tell me quick!

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

What’s the secret of selling? Is there a secret? Tell me quick!

What does it take to become a success?

What’s the secret formula?

Here’s a question that will help you understand, and make you think

Are you trying to sell or achieve?

Let me give you a few more thinking points:
If you read The Secret and believe it will work for you, you will lose to someone willing to work for what they want, rather than wait for something they want.
Achieving success is not about making your quota. Making a sale is just part of achievement.
You set your own mental attitude and physical readiness to achieve each day.

Here’s the point: If you look at “achievement” as your objective, you will be looking, thinking, and taking action at a higher level.

Here’s my formula:

Healthy + mental peace + focus + action + “help” + love of what you do = achievement
It helps to have a brand and a reputation. Be known for quality.
It helps to have a visible platform. Send a weekly value message to all customers and prospects.
It helps if you write something new and valuable to others every day to create new ideas, build your own understanding, and clarify your current thinking.
It helps to have an audience of loyal customers who love you. Customers who will do business with you again and again, and who will refer others to you.
It helps to have the support of others. People who help you to succeed and encourage you to win.
It helps to have a bit of money in reserve. Money to invest in new ideas and new technology.
It helps to have extreme self-confidence. Your personal belief system and positive attitude drives your entire success process.
It helps to have a past history of success. Knowing you have won before, and understanding what made those wins happen, will create more winning opportunities and the knowledge to capitalize on them.

These “helps” will get you there faster — but don’t overlook the biggest help — help yourself. Each time you do something for yourself, it builds your wealth of experience, your wealth of knowledge, your valuable reputation, and your character. Even in situations where you didn’t win, you have learned what not to do next time.

The “help yourself” element is the rest of the formula:
Healthy body. Overweight means over burdened, and many people are. Your eating choices and your exercise choices are critical to your total strength. When you combine physical strength with mental strength, it becomes achievement strength. Winning strength.
Healthy mind. Mental peace. Worry and stress are the cause of illness and failure. They occupy the mental space that should be full of ideas and calls to action. All thoughts and thinking are choices. Choose positive.

Focus. Your mental drive and vision to study, make plans, take action, and stay the course. It’s eye AND mind AND being AND body focused on the prize. Focus is thought based on outcome. Whether good or bad, your focus will determine your results.
Take action. Nothing happens unless and until you decide to MAKE it happen. Action can be planned, re-action, or spontaneous. Action requires risk and risk tolerance. The more risk tolerance you have, the more action you will take. Fear of rejection prevents action.
Love of what you do. Think about your biggest achievements. My bet is that those achievements were tied to your passion. Love of what you do is critical to achieving anything. This one element will help you double your success.

Achievement requires action. Even if you win the lottery, you had to take the action to buy a ticket. Achievement is improvement (getting from good to better), and achievement is completion (getting it done). And everyone measures it their own way.

A sale is an achievement — but so is setting an appointment, or discovering the decision maker’s name. Personal achievement.

You decide what achievement means to you. It may be making a big sale, or running a 10K in less than one hour. It may be getting a promotion at work, or buying the home of your dreams.

There’s one elusive element of achievement (especially for sales managers) that will lead to the next achievement faster, and with more certainty: celebration! I DID IT!

Celebrate (moderately) every time you achieve. Make celebration a habit, and the next achievement will follow right on its heels.

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