Which came first the chicken or the boss?

Which came first the chicken or the boss?

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.



Which came first the chicken or the boss?

I bought some used office furniture yesterday at Value Business Interiors. The boss Jeff Epstein, is a friend of mine. I’ve known him for years. Always liked and respected him as a person, and they way he did business.

So when I had a need, I went to Epstein first.

Great service great price friendly people I bought. “When can you deliver?” I asked. “Are you on your way back to the office now?” He countered. “Yep.” I said.

“My truck will follow you is that soon enough?” Said a grinning Epstein. “Can you give my guy a hand getting the stuff inside?”

“Sure.” I said. And figured that would be the end of the experience. I bought, Epstein served me memorably (as I hoped he would), and my stuff will arrive at my place in two minutes.

The driver (Thurman Hastings) and I proceed to lug the file cabinet and computer desk (one at a time) up the steps to our office. I asked him how he liked his job. “Love it!” he exclaimed. Then he went on to reveal that he wasn’t really the delivery guy he was the refinisher and furniture repairman. He was just delivering as part of the team effort needed to satisfy (wow) customers.

A friendly guy, Hastings was willing to set our stuff wherever we wanted, and wait while space was frantically cleared.

During the cleaning lull, I casually asked the “deliveryman” how it was to work for Epstein. Without a second of hesitation he replied, “Best employer I’ve worked for since 1970.” Wow. That’s the story The service and delivery are one thing but working for a great boss that’s another. This is a fullcircle remark.

Just how valuable is a great boss? What is a respected, admired leader worth to a business?

When employees love their boss and love their job, here’s the fullcircle that occurs:

They do better work.

They stay on the job longer.

Training costs are reduced.

They take pride in their work,

They talk about the company in a positive way on AND off the job.

They contribute to the companies image by helping to support and build it.

They create positive word of mouth advertising.

They feel and display a sense of ownership (especially in a small business).

This means greater customer satisfaction.

Which leads to customer loyalty.

Which leads to repeat business.

and the real bonus of full circle referrals.

WOW! All that from having (being) a great boss. That’s power. Sales power.

I find it amazing that companies spend thousands of training dollars on policy, rules, and customer service but if the boss is a jerk (or worse), and the internal atmosphere is lousy (glum), the training is worthless and the company goes (grows) nowhere. And the boss blames everyone else except himself.

Success Clue: Every boss in America should be required to take the Dale Carnegie course as a prerequisite to being in business.

How do you talk about your boss (or manager) behind their back? Bragging him or bagging him? That is the success challenge. And the opportunity to take your business fullcircle (without spending a penny on advertising).

Another example of a classic example: Another member of the Great Boss Club is Mike Leone, General Manager of the Radisson Hotel in Pittsburgh (ok, Monroeville), PA. Mike is a great guy, has a great attitude, leads by doing, is open to new ideas, goes beyond the service standard, runs a profitable property, and every employee loves him and speaks highly of him behind his back. His employee turnover rate (in the hotel business an industry plagued with high turnover) is one of the lowest in the US I wonder why?

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