Write it all down at the end of each day.

Write it all down at the end of each day.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at gitomer.me.

Write it all down and think of the good things


Write it all down at the end of each day.

I couldnt sleep at all last night.

The first line of the 1958 song, “Tossin and Turnin” by Bobby Lewis; and one of the biggest laments among salespeople (and regular people). Ever “lose sleep” over a problem? Why?

Stress and worry seem to be major occurrences in life. Got stress? Got worry? Here are the early warning signals:

Whining: Things arent going right. Wah, wah. (a brother to lamenting: woe is me)

Wining: Drinking to forget, or “relax.”

Complaining: Looking at whats wrong with things and people

Blaming: Its always someone elses fault. “Id be a millionaire today if it wasnt for those other jerks.”

Cynicism: Always a snide remark for the success of others or the condition of the world

Short fuse: Lose or loose temper that creates negative energy and blocks creative thought.

Tylenol PM: A weak excuse as a remedy for “cant get a good nights sleep.”

Reduce stress” or “eliminate worry” is a wrong philosophy. Convert the negative energy of stress to a positive energy is the answer. That way instead of going to sleep with problems, you go to sleep with peace and a clear mind, and wake up with solutions.

The stress you have is part of your “struggle” a natural occurrence in your drive for success. But stress and worry are choices. Your choices. Your mind has thoughts and they either show up as stress and worry, or you harness the same energy, and convert the thoughts into resolve.

Most people lose sleep over matters of unfinished business, money and passion. MONEY NOTE: When money is tight, one focuses on money 30% of the time or more. When money is not tight, one focuses on success and eventually fulfillment.

NOTE WELL: Fulfillment and success are mutually exclusive there are a BUNCH of successful, unfulfilled people.

Me? I’m asleep in 2 minutes or less every night; I wake up refreshed every day; I don’t “have to have my coffee” in the morning; I never worry about what I have to do, or what loose ends there are. I’m always prepared for the new day, AND I get my best ideas in the morning jogging or in the shower.

The secret? Three words: Write everything down.

I keep a legal pad by my bedside. And the last thing I do before I go to bed, is write down everything I need to do or problems I need to solve. Once I write everything down, my mind is clear.

The method?

Put the problem, challenge the obstacles the goal the idea on paper.

To do list everything you need to do big and small.

The call list everyone you need to call major and minor.

To get over list baggage in your life empty and full.

To resolve list things that need decision or resolution.

To pay list all matters of money you think about paid and unpaid.

Then, when you get under the covers, think of past success or good times care free times. Vacations, friends, past victories, and all that you are grateful for. When you do, you will get occasional “thought jolts.” Things that are still bugging you that forgot to write down. GET BACK UP AND WRITE THEM DOWN. The secret of the secret is to unload everything.

Dont fret over the problem relax so you can get to solution.

When your conscious mind is clear, it provides unobstructed channels from your subconscious for solutions and new ideas, and it lets you sleep like a log.

As soon as you wake up, solutions will start to appear. Like magic your brain has begun to work on your problems in the subconscious, and little ides begin to pop into your head. The more you work on the process, the bigger the ideas.

Choosing stress is a bad choice. Choose a pad of paper to write everything down at the end of your day. Choose mental freedom. Mental freedom is a wonderful thing. It creates opportunities not available to a cluttered mind.

Write down all the crap, and think of all the good. I’ve only been doing it for 30 years. Its been working so far. Im going to do it for another 30 years, and then thats it Im going to quit.

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