You are now under my power (statement).

You are now under my power (statement).

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

What is a power statement?

A statement that makes your product or service outstanding, understandable, credible (incredible) and buy-able. A (nontraditional) statement that describes what you do and how you do it in terms of the customer and his or her perceived use or need for what you’re selling.

Where does it get it’s power? Your creativity.

You’re trying to make a sale or the impact that leads to one. The objective is to persuade and motivate the prospect or customer to act. That’s what a power statement is designed to do. If you do it right, it also distances you from and sets you above your competition.

How do you create a power statement for your business?
Easy just think of what you do in terms of how your customer will benefit. Not a boring description but an vivid, alliterative, benefit-filled, picture singing a group of words that has the prospect wanting more.

Here’s the mindset needed for generating power statements…

  • Don’t sell drill bits, sell the smooth perfect holes they create.
  • Don’t sell printing, sell the brochures that will reflect your prospect’s image and impact her sales.
  • Don’t sell cars, sell the prestige and status you’ll have, or the smooth ride.
  • Don’t sell insurance, sell safe, financially secure families protected from tragedy.
  • Don’t sell eyeglasses, sell better vision and stylish look.

Get it?

Power statements have several purposes and can serve many needs in completing and solidifying the sale:

  • A statement that makes a prospect think about what you do in terms of how he or she can use what you offer.
  • A statement that builds your credibility with a prospect.
  • A nontraditional statement that describes what you do & how you do it in terms of benefits to your prospect.
  • A statement about what you do in terms of what your prospect needs.
  • A statement that draws a clear line of distinction between you and your competitor.
  • A statement that makes the prospect want to hear more.
  • A statement that gives the customer a reason to buy.
  • A statement that breaks down resistance.
  • A statement that gives the customer more confidence to buy.
  • A statement that makes a favorable impact on the prospect.
  • A statement that links what you do and how it relates to a prospect.
  • A statement that is memorable.

Power Statements make your product or service outstanding, credible, understandable and buyable.

Power statements creatively say what you do in terms of a prospect’s needs. How do you respond when someone asks you what you do? I’ll bet it’s a boring one sentence description that has the other person looking for someone else to talk to.

Here are some examples of using power statements instead of the previous answer you gave to the question What do you do?…

Temporary Help: We provide quality emergency and temporary employees for businesses like yours so that when one of your own employees is sick, absent or on vacation there is no loss of productivity or reduction of service to your customers.

Men’s Clothing: Our experience has shown us that salespeople dress for their customers. We can create the look you need to make that important presentation. variation… Bruce Julian at Milton’s Clothing Cupboard has a great power line – “When our customers have an important meeting or speech to make,” he says, “They go their closet and select clothing they bought at Miltons.” WOW.

Power statements are memorable opening lines. I went to one of those business opportunity (franchise) shows. Companies trying to sell businesses for 10 to 150 thousand dollars. There were more than 100 businesses represented. Half were immediately recognizable by their national stature.

I took my phone to record because I was sure I to hear dozens of gems. Wrong, franchise breath. They were disappointing (pathetic). After the first twenty or so were duds, I was hoping to find just one. And I did. As I walked by a booth loaded with Mickey Mouse products and clothing, a woman met me in the aisle and said, “Mickey Mouse makes more money in a year than every company in this room… combined!” Wow, what a line. I thanked her for making my day she gave me a puzzled, “You’re welcome?”

Power statements generate interest and get appointments.

Generic interest power statement Your key to profits is productivity. Last year we grew sales by more than 300% by providing items that arrived on time and aided our customer’s productivity. In 30 days we can improve yours.

Generic appointment power statement I’m not sure if I can help you, Richard. If you’ll allow me to explore some details with you for a few minutes (or over lunch), if I think I can help you I’ll tell you, and if I think I can’t I’ll tell you that, too. Fair enough?

Have you created your Power Statements yet?

Create your power statements now. Get out a sheet of paper in your sales meeting. Brainstorm them with your sales team. Bring in your most powerful salesperson your president. Write your power statements for all situations. Why not take a fresh, powerful look at your selling expressions?

It’s a great way to sell against the competition overpower them.


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