Your Personal Mission Statement. Write it. Live it.

Your Personal Mission Statement. Write it. Live it.

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Your Personal Mission Statement. Write it. Live it.

Going places? Have big dreams? The first person to tell is yourself. The first person to convince is yourself. The first person to affirm is yourself.

Ken Blanchard in his legendary “OneMinute Manager” recommends that everyone write their Personal Mission Statement. The results are startling. Have you written yours?

A Personal Mission Statement is your affirmation, philosophy and purpose rolled into one. It’s your personal challenge to yourself. It’s an opportunity to bring your goals into focus and transfer your ideals into the real world. It is your success plan.

It’s a chance for you to write your own legacy. Sounds pretty heavy, but actually it’s alot of fun. If you do it right, it’s an adventure.

Here are the ground rules, and the format to write your mission:

Define yourself What kind of a person are you, what do you do, what is your character?

Say who you’re dedicated to State who you’re committed to (family person, children, wife).

Say what you’re dedicated to Are you dedicated to your profession, your customers, your success?

Define your service to others Where do you specialize, where is your expertise, who do you serve, how do you help them?

Affirm that you will strive to get better, do new things, and grow Where do you aspire to be? What do you want to achieve?

Commit to community serviced What actions are you taking to be involved in your community?

Tell how it will get done How will you employ your enthusiasm, your attitude, your best efforts?

Use your goals and visions to define your mission…

The examples you seek to set.

The ideals by which you live or seek to live by.

The affirmations that you can use every day to make you a better person.

Here are some words that will help you define your mission…will, dedication, persist, honest, ethical, positive, enthusiastic, fun, health, learn new things, listen, help, provide, encourage, others, continually, example.

The process takes time. Write a first draft. Let it sit for a few days. Reread it slowly and make changes that you feel better express your true feelings. Describe the things you think you are and the things you seek to accomplish or become.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to flatter yourself. You’re writing this for yourself, not others. Affirm everything you think you are or think you want to become. Do it with a sense of pride and a spirit of adventure.

Ask your mentor(s) and associates for help. If they offer constructive criticism, thank them. If they tell you “You’re crazy,” you’re on the right path. Stay on it.

As salespeople and business leaders we have a responsibility to do our best. By writing a mission statement you have affirmed that responsibility. It’s so simple it works.

I wrote mine and my company’s mission statement three years ago, and have them posted in our offices for all to see. When it’s in front of me every day, it’s more likely that I will follow it. I revise mine every year.

I urge you to write yours. It builds your character at the same time it lays it bare. It serves as a beacon of light in the fog of life. It is a path to take that you build on every day. It is your mission.

Post yours where you can see it every day. Sign it in big bold felt tip pen.

Live it. Live it every day.


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