Want to Give The Greatest Presentation in the World?

The old adage is, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Wrong. In sales it’s both. Making a great sales presentation is a marriage of “what you say” and “how you say it.” Today we’re going to concentrate on how you say it. Your first responsibility as a great salesperson is to create an atmosphere where information …


Coming to Your Sales Senses – Part Two

Stop. If you haven’t read last week’s part one of this (mini) two-part series, go get it, and read it now. Reread it before you start reading this one. Thanks.


Making Sense Out of Sales, and Sales Out of Sense

Your sixth sense. Got one? Your intuition, or gut feelings about something. Your sense of selling. Is there such a thing? Yesterday I heard J.C. Bradford’s Danny Fontana on his syndicated morning radio show, talking about the falling value of the US dollar. He said “The 8th sense is kicking in the sense of fear.”


27.5 Elements of the Greatest Sales Presentation in the World

No two sales presentations are alike. Even if you’re selling the same product and work for the same company. Everyone has a different style and delivery BUT the elements of content and process in a presentation must be the same. These elements are adaptable to your style and manner of sale, but are vital to its successful completion of an …