Call Me in 6 Months – A Polite Way of Saying

Call Me in 6 Months – A Polite Way of Saying

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

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Call Me in 6 Months A Polite Way of Saying “No.”

Pat me on the head and tell me to go away.

That’s the real meaning of call me in six months (or any nebulous “get back to me” after some period of time). The prospect is really saying no! To overcome this stall you must find out what true obstacles are in the way.

Does the buyer really want your product? Is there someone else? Is your price too high? Can the prospect afford what you’re selling?

Fact is if the prospect says call me in six months you haven’t found the true reason for the stall (and may not want to know). I challenge you that the real reason(s) for this objection are found in the short list below.

1. You have not established enough rapport.

2. You have not established enough buyer confidence.

3. You have not established enough need.

4. You have not established enough value.

5. You have not established enough trust.

6. You have not established enough desire.

6.5 You have not established a sense of urgency to buy today.

You’ve done all that you say? The prospect is telling me the truth you say? Baloney, I say. If you are looking for some truth in rejection try looking a bit deeper. The real reason might be one of these:

The prospect isn’t the true decider.

The prospect doesn’t have the money.

The prospect doesn’t like your company.

The prospect doesn’t like your product.

The prospect thinks your price is too high.

The prospect has a friend or relationship established to buy or get your product or service in some other (more beneficial) way.

The prospect doesn’t like you.


“What will be different in six months?”

“Is there a particular reason you prefer me to get back to you in six months?”

“What is preventing you from taking action today?”

BIG QUESTION: Are you willing (do you have the guts) to bottomline the buyer? Do you have the courage to ask him, “Are you really saying NO?”

If you want to begin the process to overcoming this objection (stall), and find out where the sale is, do any one or combination of the following:

Ask the prospect, “Do you see yourself buying in six months?”

Find out who else is involved in the decision by asking, “How will the decision be made?”

Ask the prospect, “Could you purchase now, and pay in six months?”

Show that by purchasing now the prospect will save/earn back some or all of the purchase price in six months.

Show how delay can cost more than purchase now.

Ask if he has looked at the cost of delay.

Show how the advantage of purchase now outweighs the hidden expense of waiting.

Show the difference between spend (cash outlay) and cost (total value of the sale).

BIG ANSWER: Wherever the answer lies (and often the prospect does just that), one fact is clear: A six month, six week, or six day stall is not the fault of the prospect. You have not uncovered the true desire, need or objection. It is not an issue of blame it is an issue of responsibility yours.

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