The New Sale

The New Sale

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at

The New Sale
by Jeffrey Gitomer

Editor’s Note: We are excited to share a “snapshot” of Jeffrey’s new book that will be released later in 2015. (Before you ask, we don’t have an exact book release date yet. Stay tuned for that information coming soon.) However, this innovative content is available right now for corporate seminars, meetings, and workshops. All of Jeffrey’s seminars are customized and personalized for each audience; and provide real-world ideas and examples to implement immediately.

The old way of selling is dead. For decades, the model and philosophy around the selling process has focused on a model of “prospecting, presenting, overcoming objections, and closing the sale.” This process causes manipulation, bidding, price comparison, and ultimate frustration among salespeople and sales leaders due to loss of profit even if the sale is won.

Clearly a new model and a new strategy is needed — a new sales model without manipulation, and one that leads to a trusted, non-bidding, profitable relationship. One where the customer buys based on the value perceived, not just price. One that includes social involvement and engagement. And one that can continue to grow as the salesperson progresses.

This new model changes the game and brings you permanently into the 21st century.It combines face-to-face, online, social media, and social selling. This one book will shape you and make you for the next decade. It won’t just make you more sales and more money, it will make you a better salesperson and a better person. In short — it’s not just how to make a sale. The New Sale will help you build relationships that lead to referrals.

This new approach takes on an entirely different view of how the sale is prepared for and how the sale is COMPLETED, not closed. It places a new and powerful set of criteria for the salesperson for connecting and building relationships that, once implemented, leads to improved skills, improved sales, improved reputation, and improved profits.

Here’s a brief explanation of what’s in store as you read, watch, learn, and implement this new strategy:

The New Sale identifies in simple language the 4.5 parts of the new sale, and builds easy-to-learn and easy-to-implement models for each component:

1. Attraction and Preparation
2. Engagement
3. Connection
4. Building Profitable Long-term Relationships
4.5 Building a Permanent First-class Reputation

Let me describe these steps a bit more in depth

Attraction and Preparation offers a new preparation model that identifies and defines (1) the situation, (2) the opportunities, (3) the objectives, and (4) the outcome, ALL IN FAVOR OF THE CUSTOMER — and challenges the reader that part 4.5, the glue that holds the rest of getting ready together, is: BEST. Doing your best at all times ensures a higher percentage of favorable outcomes.

Engagement is a 4.5 part scenario that has built-in value to every offering. (1) Why would a prospective customer be engaged by your words? (2) Why would a prospective customer be engaged by your offer? (3) What is the prospective customer’s perception of the difference between you and your competition? (4) How easy does the customer perceive it is to do business with you? (4.5) The engagement messages must be both valuable to the reader and consistent in their offering. That’s the formula that enables a profitable connection process to take place.

Connecting identifies traditional networking connection opportunities, COMBINED with a business social media outreach to attract the best possible contacts and prospects through the following sources: (1) unsolicited referrals, (2) social media attraction, engagement, and connection, (3) existing customers, and (4) networking connections. And teaches you how you can provide a consistent value message in favor of the customer so that they STAY connected and are loyal. The glue in the entire connection process, is value and reputation — both online and word of mouth.

Building Profitable Relationships challenges the new model of selling salesperson that service and value after the sale leads to loyalty. And loyalty leads to repeat business and referrals. Detail is offered on how relationships are built and maintained over time, and how relationships also help drive profits and eliminate competition.

Reputation is the strength of character that arrives to the sale way before the salesperson does. It focuses on the missed opportunity to build personal brand and credibility that can spell the difference between sale and no sale.

The New Sale focuses on the customer, is value based, contains zero manipulation, is easily understood, creates real attraction, and provides salespeople with the one thing they’re hoping for as they progress up the ladder of success: IMPLEMENTABLE ANSWERS.

The New Sale is the new way.

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