The Winner for Best Supporting Sales Player — Video!

The Winner for Best Supporting Sales Player — Video!

Written By Jeffrey Gitomer

KING OF SALES, The author of seventeen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His live coaching program, Sales Mastery, is available at


The winner for best supporting sales player video!


“Hey, you wanna watch a movie?” I ask.

“What’s the name of it?” you query.

“It’s a movie about my business!” I exclaim.

“Sounds pretty boring,” you say.

“Rats,” I lament. “I really wanted you to watch it.”

“How come?” you ask.

“Well, it explains what I do much better than I could and there’s some stuff in there that will really benefit your business,” I tease.

“Really, what kind of stuff?” you ask, leaning forward.

“It’s a secret,” I say, “You have to watch to find out.” (I’ve got him now)

“How long is this movie?” you ask.

“Eight minutes and seven seconds,” I reply.

“Who’s in it?” you ask. “Any stars?”

“Well, just a few of your biggest competitors, and some people from our business and industry,” I say.

“Why are my competitors in there?” you inquire.

“Oh, they’ve been loyal customers of ours for years, and we asked them to tell people like you how they use and benefit from our product,” I nonchalantly add.

“Really? Plug ‘er in. I gotta see this,” You demand.

“Cool.” I say. “Do you mind if we pop a little popcorn? I love movies and popcorn, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do,” you say. “The microwave is around the corner hurry up.”

You now have a prospect willing to watch a sales pitch (disguised as a movie) and he’s in a ‘movie” mood with popcorn.


I’m presenting this scenario with lighthearted dialog but let me assure you that the opportunity to increase your sales presentation effectiveness, and sales closing ratio with video is as real as your bottom line (which for some may be unreal).


Can you pass the video challenge?:

How is video increasing your sales?

How is video positioning you in your market?

How is video telling your story of success?

How is video supporting your sales team?

How is video beating your competition into the ground? (like you really want it to)

Do you have a sales video? Thinking about making a (or improving your) video? Wish you had one? Don’t know how to go about it? Or worse, made a video and it was a (costly) disaster.


What kind of video should I get? Good question how about one that tells a little about your product, a little about your company, shows how the product is used, gives testimonials from satisfied customers, and tells how to order or get started. WOW!


Here are some pretty compelling reasons to do a video, and pay whatever it costs to do it right:

Video is support.

Video is credibility.

Video is image.

Video is education.

Video is sizzle.

Video is emotionally compelling, and gives logical support to buy (A sale is 80% emotion based and 20% logic based video covers both bases).

Video has the power to change the mind of a skeptical prospect faster and better than any salesperson.

Video sent by mail opens doors of prospects who won’t take your call.

Video sells at meetings you’re not invited to.

Video is instructional (as much for your team as the prospect).

Video is detail, pictures, and imagery of product use after purchase.

Video adds support and proves what you say if your customers are featured on it.

Video is customers bragging about you in a way you can’t (a satisfied customer is proof of your claims).

Video can be a sales presentation is reduced to three words here, watch this.

Video is an indirect closing tool instead of asking for the sale, just ask the prospect if she’d like to be the star of your next testimonial video.


We are entering the decade of the sophisticated sales tool. Product videos have been a way of life for twenty years. With a sales video, there’s a big opportunity to tell your story in a way that the customer will be compelled to buy but, as with all panaceas, there’s a (big) secret to making it work best.


It’s Oh, sorry, we’re out of space this week. See you next week with the secret.


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